Body Positivity, Neutrality, And Acceptance: A Complete Guide

The struggle to fit in and accept our bodies is something many people have been struggling with for decades now. During this time, the body positivity movement emerged, which focused on equality of all body sizes and types. However, singer Lizzo states that terms such as body acceptance and neutrality might be more appropriate than positivity.

Here is everything you need to know about all these terms.

Body Positivity: The Basics

In the 60s, there was a fat liberation movement, out of which emerged the term body positivity. It refers to being positive about your body and accepting it for what it is no matter what people say. Body positivity has helped many people worldwide with body dysmorphia, eating disorders, and much more.

However, many people struggle with being positive when it comes to their bodies, as it is challenging to cheer yourself on at all times. Even Demi Lovato stated two years ago that she did not feel positive about her body at all times. It is okay not to feel positive and happy about your body all the time.

Body Neutrality: The Basics

Since 2010, another term has been on the rise, and that is body neutrality. It is about having a neutral relationship with the body without labeling it as bad or good. The term goes beyond the size of the body and includes all bodies, such as trans people, fat individuals, people of color, and many more.

Body positivity never included such inclusivity, which is why more people are leaning towards this term now. Anyone who does not feel included in the body positivity movement embraces body neutrality. That is because it allows many people to look at their bodies without labeling them as anything positive or negative.

Body Acceptance: The Basics

Finally, we have body acceptance. Many people use acceptance and positivity as interchangeable terms, but it is not the same thing. That is because body acceptance is about the journey of figuring out how to accept your body.

The main aim is here to look at the body and acknowledge its existence without any judgments about it. It does not mean you have to be happy or optimistic about your body at all times. Instead, it means that you find a way to understand how it looks and accept it for what it is without any shame.

Final Words

That was your complete guide to body positivity, neutrality, and acceptance. The beauty industry and the impossible beauty standards have caused us all to feel that we have fallen short of the expectations. That is why it is more important than ever to come to terms with your body and its appearance.

It is a long journey, and everyone has their own route to take, but the aim is the same. Once we learn to accept our bodies without any judgment or shame towards them, we will become much happier. So, thank your body today for everything it has done for you till now and be one step closer to acceptance.