Do you want to learn to transition your wardrobe from one season to another? Well, check out this Vogue Editor’s ideas

Alexis Bennett is a Vogue editor who has a keen eye on trendy clothes. Well, when you are an editor at Vogue that is somewhat part of your job. We were lucky enough to get a glimpse of her clothing routine when she walks us through her clothing choices through five days of the week.  The best part about this is that she was traveling during the week and had to pack clothes for both summer and fall as her journey began at the end of the summer and she had to stay at her destination in fall.

We do see a lot of people in the world who dress up casually however if you are someone who cares about what they wear every single day then this is the perfect article for you and you might learn a lot from Alexis.


So Alexis starts by talking about how she packs up everything comfortable when she is about to travel. Well, it’s a very sensible decision especially if you have a long flight, you need comfortable clothes on the plane and also additional comfortable clothes that you can wear at your destination after a long flight. Jeans aren’t comfortable and anything too shirt would have definitely made her feel cold so she went for stretchy flared leggings from Spanx. This is something she could carry on wearing throughout fall as well. On top of that, she went for an apple green hue cardigan and pearl necklace as an accessory.

Tuesday is one of the most comfortable days for Alexis as she prefers wearing shorts and sandals. Her preferred brand for shorts is Zara as it is comfortable and can easily complement other clothing items and accessories you have on. For footwear, she went for low-heeled shoes.


On Wednesday she went for fun-loving and swirly designed knitted sweaters. Alexis prefers wearing white denim as she feels that it brings out a look that the blue jeans cant. To make the look better, she went for a skirt. Alexis also shared that the evening start getting colder in fall she prefers wearing a hoodie.


On Thursday she went again with a swirly design. Well, she does love swirly designs. In addition to the swirly designed outfits she also wore a soft cardigan because if you don’t plan for that, the evening and night in fall are going to make you feel cold. Then add Gucci slides for a comfortable walking experience.


At the end of the week, Alexis prefers spending as much time outdoors as possible. She likes to visit the parks and enjoy the afternoon at the pool. She went with a look that she could wear both at the park and at the pool outing. She wore an oversized Marimekko shirt over an ASOS shirt and swimsuit. For footwear, she went for Neil J. Rodgers slides that are extremely comfortable.