How does weight play a role in your pregnancy?

As a pregnant lady, it is likely that you have lots of questions about what is happening to your body. There is nothing quite like the intensity of going through pregnancy; it makes our bodies and our minds do things we simply would never have considered beforehand. However, it all stems from our desire to simply look after ourselves and make sure that our own bodies and our young children are safe upon arrival. However, do you know how your weight plays a role in the pregnancy? If not, you should.

For example, today it is likely that you will have your Body Mass Index (BMI) taken and examined by a doctor. Your BMI is a ratio that takes your weight in kilograms, divides it by your height in meters, and then squares it. This is used to help know your weight ‘status’ – basically, how healthy or unhealthy your weight is relative to your actual body. So, the taller you are, it is likely that your body might be able to tolerate more weight as it can balance it out across the whole body.

However, BMI today is used to come up with a little range of ideas that can be used to work out the potential for risks during your pregnancy. Many people are not aware of the threat they put their bodies through when they are pregnant, especially if their BMI exceeds 30.

What does my BMI have to do with my pregnancy?

If you have a BMI that is 30 or above, then medical professionals believe that you are probably more likely to suffer from complications. However, please note that this is a pre-pregnancy BMI; this is not the weight that you produce during pregnancy. So, if your BMI was under 30 prior to becoming pregnant, you are less likely to suffer from issues during the pregnancy.

However, even someone who is in the ideal weight and health region could still be at risk of complications during pregnancy. That is why it is essential that you look after yourself and have regular meetings with your medical team. They can give you all of the information that you need about your body, your weight, and anything that you might need to keep a closer on as time begins to progress.

If you worry that your BMI is going to be too high, then you should do all that you can to cut down on your weight before pregnancy. The more that you can do to lose weight prior, the less likely it is that weight gain during pregnancy is going to be as draining or as debilitating for you.

Make no mistake, though; your weight counts for a lot when it comes to avoiding pregnancy problems. If you are serious about caring for your body, then you need to start paying more attention to your weight gain – get your BMI evaluated prior to pregnancy, and you can make lifestyle changes to avoid a higher risk of complication over time.