Mixing Different Styles: Presenting A Combination Of Crocs And Heels

You are always found sacrificing comfort over style in most cases. If you’re wearing heels, then there is a fair chance that you will not be comfortable while you are wearing them. There is good news for you though. There is a new collaboration in town between Crocs and Balenciaga. You might be wondering how this might work. Well, to be fair, it does seem highly controversial given the extremities that both work at. But surprisingly, they have come together with a model that is surely going to leave many baffled.

What Does The Collaboration Look Like?

You can already imagine what the shoes might look like. If you can’t, then there is something that you can do. Imagine your average green Crocs with heels extending. We are sure that the image isn’t something that you might be pleased to imagine, but that is surely what you’re going to see in real as well.

The shoes are all geared up to provide you with comfort and style, so you might end up getting the best of both worlds. However, there may be some who might not like the mix at all.

The New Shoes Frenzy

There have been plenty of people going on about the shoes across several media channels. One of the more prominent social media platforms through which you will find many people commenting on this new collaboration is Twitter.

Plenty of people have much to say about the new shoes. You will find more hate comments on the appearance of the shoes as opposed to those that are in favor of them. People are generally not happy with the combination because it is not something that they find themselves wearing.

You will find plenty of people commenting on how they do not want this collaboration, as they believe that there is no use for such items for this. But the truth is, there has been a collaboration between the two before as well that led to a profitable situation for the two brands. So, people actually went out to buy something the Crocs and Balenciaga worked on together.

Will We See Celebs Donning This Look?

Now, the question is whether people will actually be buying and creating different looks with these shoes. The answer is yes! You will see plenty of collaborations between brands and celebrities. And, once celebrities start wearing certain things, you will find their followers to be wanting the same thing.

There have been countless times where Crocs demand increased rapidly just because Nicki Minaj had them on at some point. So, when it comes to celebrities wearing these shoes, we all know that this is surely something that we can see happening. Once that happens, there is sure to be a soar in the demand for these shoes elsewhere as well.

When it comes to how expensive these might be, you’re in for a treat. While there hasn’t been any confirmation about the price range, you should know that it is surely going to be at the very high end.