Never Before Exposed Truths About Married… with Children

Married… with Children is one of the most iconic sitcoms in television history. Everyone can relate to the Bundy family and the hilarious struggles they faced over the years. Al is a likable guy who loves his family and hates his job at the shoe store. Peggy is good looking, funny, and oddly loves her husband and kids. Kelly, well, she’s both hilarious and ditzy. Bud grows up to become an interesting young man full of character and has a remarkable ability to rap. Those are the Bundy’s, and soon you’re going to learn that a lot was going on behind the scenes that made your favorite show what it was.

Married… with Children Cost a Million Dollars Per Episode to Shoot

How can it be that a show about a guy who makes minimum wage working at a women’s shoe store costs a million dollars per episode to shoot? There’s a lot of people who work behind the scenes to make every episode possible. The early days of Married… with Children looked a little rough, but as the show progressed, so did the technical aspects. If you compare the pilot to the last episode, you’ll see that the production values increased over time, and that’s where the cool million dollars went. It’s too bad they couldn’t have used a little of that money to buy Al a new car instead of him driving around that old Dodge Charger.

It was an Overnight Success

Fox was a little broadcast company that most people never heard of. It wasn’t until April 15, 1987, that Married… with Children put them on the map. Fox didn’t have a prime time lineup, and Married… with Children was the only sitcom for the fledgling network. People couldn’t believe how raw and funny it was. There was nothing on TV like it at the time, and to be honest, since. Fox didn’t expect this show to explode the way it did, but it took off and became an instant hit. Surprisingly, such a hit show could spread across the country without the internet.

No One Could Get Enough

It surprised Fox that Married… with Children was an instant hit. So much so that Fox repeated the episodes all day long. What else was Fox going to do? The network wasn’t flush with cash or didn’t have a star-studded line up to flex its muscles with. So, in the end, it was Bundy TV for as long as people could tolerate it. If you didn’t have a VCR, you were probably pretty glad that Fox repeated the show so many times that people could recite the actor’s lines word for word. No one can get tired of the hilarious dysfunctional family that, for whatever reason, was still able to love each other.

Viewers Enjoyed Watching a Dysfunctional Family

Up until Married… with Children came around, all sitcoms featured happy families. Everyone knows that no family is happy all the time. It felt good to watch Al fall flat on his face sometimes and for his wife and kids to enjoy it. The Bundy’s were more like the typical American family than anything we’ve seen on TV before. The rawness of the characters, followed by how they could deliver a punchline, made everyone feel as if they were watching a family that was closer to their own than anything they’ve seen up until that point. Throw in a little eye candy, and it’s impossible to turn away from a show that makes you laugh while making you feel less uneasy about being a total dud yourself.

The First Title was an Inside Joke

The people behind the scenes called Married… with Children Not the Cosbys. It was a reference to the top-rated NBC sitcom The Cosby Show. It was a different time in television where network executives wanted feel-good shows that weren’t based in reality. Married… with Children was the kind of gritty humor that people found funny but often wouldn’t admit to it. Bill Cosby was seen as America’s dad, and his humor was clean as a whistle. With everything that happened to Cosby, people now think of his jokes much differently than they did back then. Many people felt that The Cosby Show was unrealistic and felt that Married… with Children was more based on reality.

Al Made Birthday Calls During the Show

Ed O’Neill used to call people on the set of Married… with Children and wish them a happy birthday. He would make the phone calls while in character as Al Bundy. Imagine receiving a phone call from Al Bundy on your birthday? Could there ever be a better birthday gift? Fans of Married… with Children couldn’t believe it when they heard his voice on the other end. Many people probably thought that they were being pranked, but it was the real thing. Several people have birthdays they’ll never forget, thanks to Al. Somehow, he could get time off from the shoe store to make the calls and wish everyone a happy birthday.

Ed O’Neill had the Perfect Stance for Al Bundy

Ed O’Neill’s posture was perfect during his audition for Married… with Children. He hunched his back and walked through the door. Ed’s inspiration for Al’s character came from an uncle who had many of the same mannerisms. It could easily be said that Al’s character was as much of Ed’s doing as it was the writers. Ed embodied what it meant to be Al, and the writers put the words in his mouth. It’s hard to believe that anyone could’ve ever been more suited for a role. As time went on, Ed began to define Al’s character even more, and his traits became part of what made the show so incredibly funny.

Al’s Life Wasn’t as Simple as Many Believe

Everyone thinks that Al’s life was easy because he had a low paying job. Nothing could be further from the truth for the husband and father of two. He had to juggle work, home, and some of the nosiest neighbors ever. If all that wasn’t enough, it also had to make sure everyone in his house was taken care of, and that’s not easy to do on the modest salary of a shoe salesman. The look on Al’s face says it all here while he’s rubbing Peggy’s and Marcy’s pregnant bellies. Somehow Al always found himself in the middle of these situations, and he could get himself out of them.

Ed O’Neill Enjoys Martial Arts in His Spare Time

Ed’s close friend John Milius introduced him to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Ever since then, Ed has been keen on making sure that he stays on top of the sport. Marital arts, for many people, isn’t about self-defense but learning about your body. Keeping in shape and understanding what your body can do is what draws many to the sport. It doesn’t hurt that you can protect yourself in times of danger. Though, Ed or Al Bundy always seemed like a guy who could take care of himself. No one could clear out a bar as Al could, and he had all the motivation in the world since his home life filled him full of anger.

Ed Took His Love of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to the Next Level

It took Ed 20 years, but in 2007 he finally earned his black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Ed says that it was his top life’s achievement. It takes quite a bit of hard work and dedication to become a black belt. The look on his face says it all. Who knew that Al Bundy behind the scenes could beat up any bad apple that came his way? Sure, he was a tough, rugged American, but the guy behind Al’s character is someone who is fiercer than an angry pit bull. It’s a good thing none of those women at the shoe store tried to hold the place up, or he would’ve broken out his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu moves on them.

Pay Attention to the Opening Credits

Have you watched the opening credits to Married… with Children and wondered where you saw the cars before? If you’ve ever thought that, there’s a good reason, and it’s because the interstate scenes are ripped straight from National Lampoon’s Vacation. Yes, you were right and not going crazy. Why did they steal the interstate scene from one of the most famous funny movies of all time? Who knows. It was an intro that worked for quite some time, so their logic behind the thievery must have been solid. Nothing was said about it when the sitcom was on TV, so everyone involved must have been okay with it being used.

A Seinfeld Star Could’ve Been Al Bundy

Michael Richards auditioned for the part of Al Bundy long before he landed his role as Kramer on Seinfeld. Can you imagine what Al Bundy would’ve been like if Kramer played the part? Luckily for every Married… with Children fan Ed O’Neill got the role instead. Let’s be fair and say that Seinfeld was a fantastic show, and Kramer hit it out of the ballpark with his scenes. However, Married… with Children loyalists will agree that no one could ever fill Ed’s shoes regardless of how funny they are. History hasn’t been the kindest to Michael Richards, as we all know about his little situation at a comedy club that didn’t turn out the way he hoped.

Michael Richards was a Perfect Fit for Seinfeld

Michael Richards probably wasn’t too bummed out about not getting the role of Al Bundy. After all, he did landing a gig on one of the most famous sitcoms of all time. Seinfeld has remained a constant fan favorite for years after it went out of production. Do you think Michael is sitting at home weeping about how he lost the role of Al Bundy to Ed O’Neill? Probably not. Michael is probably spending most of his time figuring out how to spend all the money he gets from royalty checks from the various places that Seinfeld is still playing in syndication.

Ed O’Neill Didn’t Like the First Choices for Kelly and Bud

Ed didn’t like Tina Caspary and Hunter Carson to play Bud and Kelly. He said that the two actors lacked the type of chemistry required to make a sitcom. Was he right? Well, the higher-ups at the network seemed to agree with Ed. Christina Applegate and David Faustino replaced the two. They both shared chemistry and Ed, which led to them having roles on the show. It’s a good thing, too, because who else could’ve filled the shoes of this brother and sister comedy duo? Both of them were funny in their own right, but they gelled as few siblings do on a sitcom when they worked together.

Scenes With the New Bud and Kelly Had to Be Reshot

The scenes with Tina Caspary and Hunter Carson had to be reshot after David and Christina took over Kelly and Bundy’s roles. It makes sense because it would’ve been confusing to the viewers at home to see Kelly and Bud look different. Though situations like these aren’t new in the world of sitcoms and different actors, have stepped in and played the role of characters before. Roseanne was the perfect example when the character of Becky was played by two different actresses. The situation with Married… with Children was different, and they were able to redo the scenes, and it wasn’t much of a hassle.

Katey Sagal is a True Professional

From the very beginning, Katey Sagal knew what she wanted. She also knew how to achieve it. She took her audition so seriously that it made perfect sense for the producers to cast her as Peggy Bundy. Could anyone else have played the part as perfectly as she did? Katey was good looking, but not so gorgeous that it didn’t seem possible that a guy like Al could marry her. She also had a motherly quality to her that seemed genuine while at the same time, not caring at all. The combination was spot on, and no one else could’ve pulled it off the way she did. Katey was a natural Peggy, and that’s why she was invited into homes every week as America’s most beloved dysfunctional mom.

Katey Got into Character Right Away

Katey Sagal already had in mind what Peggy Bundy should look and act like long before she auditioned. Katey when to audition with big hair and the tight outfit everyone knows as Peggy’s regular outfit. The producers took one look at her and knew that she was the right person for the role. It wasn’t just Katey’s acting ability that won her the spot; it was also how she looked. Katey looked the way the producers thought Peggy should. Sometimes what gets actresses roles of a lifetime is the little spin they put on it while auditioning. If Katey hadn’t added her own touch to Peggy Bundy, who knows who would’ve landed the coveted role.

Marcy and Al Didn’t Always Get Along Behind the Stage

Rumor has it that Amanda Bearse and Ed O’Neill didn’t always get along behind the scenes. Somehow, they could pull it together enough to create one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. Could the tension between the two have caused them to be extra funny when on set together? Anything is possible, but there’s one thing for sure, and it’s that they didn’t hate each other to the point they couldn’t work side by side. the two would go on to produce some of the most gut-busting funny scenes of all of Married… With Children. If you’re a fan of the sitcom, you already have a few favorite scenes in mind where Al and Marcy are working their magic.

Flexibility Was a Strength

Actors must be well aware that their current project isn’t going to last forever. Christina Applegate continuously was working on other projects throughout the entire duration of Married… With Children. That’s why to this very day; she’s still in demand. A strong work ethic is what was behind those who were fortunate enough to have the Bundy name. That’s why they were able to go off and do other things after the sitcom ended. Christina was by far the biggest success, but the other three had their fair share of screen time. Christina’s good looks could only get her so far, and she knew that to have a long career, it would require her to expand her acting skills by taking on a variety of parts.

Kelly Bundy Had to Wear a Wig

During the third season, Christina Applegate had to wear a wig because she had dyed her hair brown for another role she was working on. None of the fans knew she was wearing a wig, and that’s what makes it even funnier. A wig replaced the usual bleached blonde locks of Kelly’s, and the show kept on going without a beat. Were you able to spot the episodes where Kelly was wearing a wig? Probably not. Die-hard fans can spot minuscule changes in their favorite characters, but the hair and makeup team at Married… With Children did an excellent job making sure that no one could tell that it wasn’t Kelly’s real hair.

Vista Accepted Here

Did you notice that at the store Al works at that they accept Vista cards and not Visa? No one knows why the show’s producers went with Vista instead of Visa. Some have thought that the reasoning was that they didn’t want to get sued by Visa. The reason doesn’t matter so much since it’s funny. Everyone knows that it’s Visa, but it’s one of those little sitcom things that most people glance over unless you’re a fan that has watched every episode more times than there are days of the week. Neither Kelly nor Bud seems to care since they’ve got bigger fish to fry while at the shoe store.

An Episode Was Too Hot for Fox

It’s no secret that Fox was continually battling the censors and the public who thought Married… With Children was too obscene for TV. There was one episode that was so raunchy that Fox decided not to air it. how filthy dirty did an episode, have to be for Fox to can it? Well, let’s just say that the episode dealt with the bodily functions of females. Fox was rarely afraid to push the boundaries, but this time, even they knew it was possible that a line was crossed. The cast felt okay enough to shoot the episode, which in the end should’ve sent red flags to the network. If the cast feels comfortable shooting something, it’s probably okay to air on television.

Some Episodes Were Banned

Terry Rakolta had a bone to pick with an episode where Al couldn’t keep his eyes off a model. Terry was an anti-obscenity activist back in the day. She felt it was her duty to make sure that no one saw anything that she deemed obscene. Fox buckled under her pressure and banned the episode; I’ll See You In Court and didn’t air it. Well, that’s not entirely true; the public would eventually see the episode in 2002. It seems that Terry only succeeded in delaying people from seeing the episode and not keeping it under wraps entirely. Married… With Children offered plenty of fodder for anyone who needed something to complain about.

Television is a Form of Art

It’s hard to look at a show like Married… with Children and think of it as art. How can something that makes you laugh so hard your sides hurt be art? Everyone thinks of art as something snobs look at while sipping on a glass of wine at a museum. Well, to the actors and writers of the sitcom, what they did was a form of art. It takes quite an artist to get on stage and portray someone you’re not. The writing on the show was hilarious, and that doesn’t happen out of the blue. It takes highly talented people to pull off something like Married… with Children; they are indeed artists.

Al’s Car isn’t What He Claims

Every Married… With Children, fan knows that Al’s car is a Dodge Charger. Well, is it? The truth is stranger than fiction because, after all these years of complaining about his car, it’s not a Dodge at all. Car buffs know that it’s a 1972 Plymouth Duster. How does that make you feel? After all these years, Al lied to us. Maybe he just didn’t know what make or model of car he was driving. after all, it’s surprising that a father of two could afford both a car and a house while earning nothing more than minimum wage.

Peggy’s Maiden Name Was a Little Obscene

Peggy was probably pretty happy to marry Al and get his last name. Before tying the knot, she was Peggy Wanker. Yes, her last name was Wanker. How hard is it to believe that someone would have a last name like that? If your last name were Wanker, you’d be glad to take on another name as well. Peggy was born in Wanker County, but it’s not known if the county was named after her. Could the name Wanker be a play on words? Well, it’s definitely possible. Throughout the show, there are all kinds of innuendos that you’ll pick up if you keep your eyes and ears open.

Both Al and Peggy Loved to Watch TV

Watching television is a pastime that many people enjoy. Al and Peggy were no different, and they loved to sit on the couch in front of the TV. What did they like to watch? Al loved football, and that makes sense since he was a high school football star. Peggy liked to watch Psycho Mom and Oprah. Peggy was a huge Oprah fan throughout the show, and it’s one of the consistent things about her character. Al often would have a beer while watching football or just lounging around on the couch regardless if anyone was sitting next to him or not.

Peggy’s Love of Oprah Knew No Limits

Just how far would Peggy go to get her daily Oprah fix? Peggy got a job so she could afford a VCR. If anyone knows how lazy Peggy was, the fact she got a job says a lot about her devotion to Oprah. It could be said without lying that Peggy was more devoted to Oprah than her husband. Oprah was one of the biggest stars on television for those of you who weren’t around during this time. Her talk show was watched by millions of women who hung on every word she said. Oprah’s show’s popularity is why she is worth an untold amount of money today.

The No-Ma’am Club Was Against Feminism

No television show on today could ever have a group of characters on it when a No-Ma’am Club. What was No-Ma’am? No-Ma’am was a club of guys who were against feminism. The guys mainly drank beer and complained about women. There is no way that anyone could get away with such a thing on TV today. The first time anyone caught wind of such a club, a dozen women would be out in front of the television network with picket signs. It’s odd to think that people were freer back in the 90s to say what they wanted than what people are today. There are many scenes in Married… With Children that wouldn’t be allowed to air if it were on today.

What Does No-Ma’am Stand for?

No-Ma’am stands for National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood. The guys in No-Ma’am were as serious as could be about being antifeminist. Take a look at this great looking group of guys. Is it any surprise that they would be against feminism? These aren’t men who look like great thinkers who plan on solving the world’s problems. They look like guys who want to do nothing more than come home, drink a beer, and eat a half-decent meal while watching some television. As any husband and father know, enjoying yourself after a hard day’s work is almost impossible because someone always has something, they want to interrupt you with.

Bud Had Big Dreams of Becoming a Rapper

Rap was taking the world by storm, and Bud wanted to become a rapper. Bud’s stage name was Grandmaster B. much to fans’ surprise; Bud was actually a pretty good rapper. Bud would later continue his rap career long past after Married… With Children was over. You can find his music under the name D’ Lil. Yes, that’s the Bud that you know and love. He has even released a few albums and went on the road as a rapper. David was a big part of the rap scene in Los Angeles and was at the clubs at an early age when the scene was forming in California.

Bud Tried to Break into the Rap Industry in 1992

David, aka Bud, tried to make a dent in the world of rap back in 1992 as D’ Lil. Many will be surprised to learn that D’ Lil has continued rapping for decades. D’ Lil has never reached the heights of success as many big-time rappers, but David has enjoyed himself none the less. David has traveled the country and the world as a rapper, which is a sign of success. It doesn’t hurt that he was one of the best sitcom rappers of his time. Well, we’ll forget about a guy called Will Smith. He was good, but not Bud Bundy good as Grandmaster B.

Katey Sagal Wasn’t the Producer’s First Choice

It may surprise many people, but Katey Sagal wasn’t the producer’s first choice to play Peggy Bundy. Can you imagine what the world would be like without Katey Sagal as Peggy Bundy? The world would’ve been a completely different place. It’s impossible to imagine anyone other than Katey playing the role of Peggy. Katey nailed everything about Peggy perfectly, and she was a terrific match with Al. the chemistry Peggy and Al had was something that people can’t pretend. They had on-screen chemistry that left everyone thinking that they could potentially be husband and wife in real life. Fans should thank their lucky stars that Katey was chosen over anyone else to play Peggy’s role.

Rosanne Barr Was Supposed to be Peggy Bundy

Let that sink in for just a minute. What if Rosanne Barr played Peggy? What would’ve happened to the world of sitcoms then? How would’ve Ed and Rosanne worked together on stage? Imagine a world where Married… With Children existed, and Rosanne didn’t. The producers wanted Rosanne, but Katey blew them away with her audition, and they chose her. At the time, Rosanne was a super hot comedian who was making a name for herself in comedy clubs. Fate would have it that her show would be picked up on another network with much more money to put behind it.

Ed O’Neill Wasn’t Who the Producers Originally Wanted to Play Al

You better be sitting down for this because your mind is about to be blown. The producers of Married… With Children originally wanted Sam Kinison to play the role of Al Bundy. So, that means the producers wanted Rosanne Barr to play Peggy and Sam Kinison’s role to be Al Bundy. Let that sink in for a few minutes. How would that have worked out on television? Sam was a firecracker who was ready to go off at any second. Rosanne, well, we all know what type of person she’s like. Married… With Children would’ve been much different with these two playing the roles. At the very least, it would’ve been super interesting to see how these two comedic geniuses would’ve pulled working together off.

The Married… With Children Theme Song is a Classic

Have you recognized the singer behind Married… With Children’s theme song? You should since it’s none other than Frank Sinatra. Frank sang the song for a 1955 television show. No, that was before both Peg’s and Al’s time. A young Sinatra can be heard belting out the song in his signature style. The golden pipes of the famous singer is heard every time Married… With Children begins. How many people over the years dropped everything they were doing when that theme song came on? Today, thanks to reruns, it’s not as important to not miss a single minute. You can imagine back in the day; people were running through the house when they heard his voice as an original show aired.

Ed O’Neill’s Walk of Fame Star

Can you believe it? Ed O’Neill’s Walk of Fame star is right next to a shoe store? How ironic is that? Ed has been on several hit television shows, but he will always be remembered as Al Bundy from Married… With Children. As fans know, Al worked in a shoe store that sold women’s shoes. Who knew that all those years he spent helping fat women find shoes to make their feet look small would land him a star on this prestigious sidewalk? Al would’ve been so proud but not so surprised by the location of the star. It seems that it’s Al’s fate to always be within arm’s reach of a pair of shoes.

Buck Had a Retirement Party

Buck was with the Bundy’s through thick and thin. He was alive while the show’s final episode was filmed, but he was too old to man an appearance. The producers of Married… With Children still threw him a retirement party. Buck was a part of the show like every other character was. Sometimes Buck was more important than anyone else he was sharing the screen with. Buck had a comedic sense that most dogs can’t seem to comprehend. Buck left his mark on television, and he gave something for every dog in a sitcom to aspire to. Seriously, that was one hard-working but very funny dog.

Could a Bud Bundy Spinoff Be in the Works?

David Faustino says that a Bud Bundy spinoff might be in the works. He says the rest of the cast has signed off on the project. It’s been a long time since anyone named Bundy has been on the small screen. Married… With Children ended in 1997. What would Bud be up to after all these years? How would the writers fill in the gaps for his character? There’s plenty of possibilities, and everyone who considers themselves a Bud Bundy fan would love to see him back in action. Don’t hold your breath, it seems that situations like these always arise in the world of sitcoms, but nothing rarely comes out of them.

Katey Sagal Cemented Herself as an Actress

No one knew who Katey Sagal was until her role as Peggy Bundy. Katey played 260 episodes as Peggy and, by the time Married… With Children was over, Katey was a household name. It makes sense why she was able to later star in both movies and television. Katey used being on the sitcom as a springboard for a career that would span decades. She may have been an unknown before Married… With Children, but she couldn’t keep her talent secret for long. Katey has a comedic sense of timing that is spot on, and she can deliver her lines in a way that makes it believable that she’s the character she’s playing.

Ed O’Neill’s Big Break Wasn’t Married… With Children

Ed O’Neill’s big break wasn’t on Married with Children as many would like to believe. Ed’s first gig was an extra on the soap opera All Of My Children. You may have even seen him on Modern Family. Ed has stayed busy since landing his big role as Al Bundy. Ed was also in several plays and did whatever he could before Married… With Children to earn a living. Acting is an art, and he wanted to perfect his craft and make a living from it. Luckily, he didn’t have to spend his life dreaming of a career on the big and small screen; he was able to accomplish his goals and continue with a fabulous career.

Ed Was a Football Player Back in the Day

Ed O’Neill played football for Ohio University and also Youngstown State University. He was an undrafted free agent for the Pittsburg Stealers but was cut from the team during training camp. So, it’s not far fetched to say the real-life Al Bundy knew a thing or two about football. Ed loved to play the game and had aspirations of becoming a professional. Ed is also stacked like a football player, which becomes even more evident during the closeup shots of him as Al. He towers over Peg and his two children, and that’s why he was able to have such success on the football field.

A Famous Football Star Guest Appearance

Do you remember the episode with the famous Pittsburg Stealers player Terry Bradshaw? If so, you’re a real die-hard fan. Terry was in the process of wanting to be famous for something other than football. He has been a regular in the announcement booth since he retired from the field. Making the big break on television was the next logical step for the former pro athlete who has a great sense of humor. Terry can deliver a punchline like the best of them, and that’s why he was able to pull off such an outstanding performance while on Married… With Children.

Ed Posing with His Two Television Wives

Ed’s looking a little older here than he did back in his Married… With Children days. He’s standing with both of his television wives with his star. Peggy looks pretty good after all these years, and she can still turn heads. Nothing has to be said about the beauty of his wife from Modern Family. Just a smile from her is all it takes to set the world ablaze. It’s always good to see Al and Peggy together, even if they aren’t playing their roles from back in the day. It gives everyone hope that maybe one of these days they will reprise their beloved roles one last time, and we can finally learn what Al and Peggy have been up to all these years.

No One Knew the Show was Coming to an End

Not a single person on the entire cast or crew on Married… With Children knew that their last episode of the seasons would be the final show. They all went into it, unsure of what their future was going to be. It was possible that the network would sign them to another season, and they were more than ready for it. At the last minute, the network decided not to renew their contracts, which was the end of an era. It does make sense on some level to put an end to the show because the kids were grown, and the storylines weren’t the same. There’s only so much you can do with grown kids and older parents.

How Everyone Found Out About the Cancelation

Ed learned about the cancelation from a couple of strangers who read about Married… With Children being canceled in the news while on vacation. Christina Applegate learned the show had been canceled through a friend. The news had to be devastating to everyone, but not much of a surprise. There had been rumors throughout the world of television that the show could end up being canceled. Though, it’s never an easy pill to swallow when you learn that the job that you’ve loved for the past ten years is suddenly gone. The cast took it all in stride, and they went their own way.

Married… With Children Received No Awards

Married… With Children didn’t win a single award during its duration on television. The show was nominated for several Primetime Emmy Awards and Golden Globes. The lack of awards means nothing to fans because it’s the show that they’re enamored with. If anything, the awards would’ve put their guilty pleasure into the mainstream, and no one wants that. enjoying a show like Married… With Children is much more enjoyable when you feel like you’re watching something that is on the fringes of what’s considered acceptable by society. Al and the gang did deserve awards, and so did the writers who crafted the show and turned it into what it eventually became.

Peggy Received a Hollywood Star

Ed isn’t the only one who received a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. Katey Sagal also received a star for her role as Peggy Bundy. The sight of the Bundy family in the later years of their lives is something else. Ed does have a genuine love for David, and it wasn’t only an act when they were filming the show. The entire Bundy family still keeps in touch to this day. They have all worked with each other since the show’s cancelation, and those are precious moments for the fans who long to see their favorite TV family together. This wasn’t only a proud moment for Katey, but it was for her castmates as well.

The Bundy’s Money Woes were Constant

Throughout the duration of Married… With Children, the family’s money woes were always consistent. How much can a guy afford when he only makes minimum wage? Add to it that his wife doesn’t work, and you’ve got a situation where they’re always going to be hard up for cash. Even though they were broke most of the time, the Bundy’s were always dressed nice. They may not have had much if any, food in the refrigerator, but Kelly was always wearing the latest fashions. Bud, he took was looking sharp, and that’s saying a lot for a family that doesn’t seem to have two nickels to rub together.

Only One Character was in Every Episode

There was only one character who was in every episode of Married… With Children. Can you guess who it was? If you guessed Al Bundy, you’d be right. Al was in every single episode without fail. The other Bundy’s, well, they weren’t in every episode. How can you have Married… With Children without the glue that keeps the family together? Al was more than a husband and a father; he was an intricate part of the storyline. No one can ever get enough, Al, and that’s why they decided to put him in every episode. Admit it; you’d feel like something was out of place if you were watching Married… With Children and Al had mysteriously disappeared.

007 was a Big Fan of the Show

Sir Roger Moor, aka James Bond, was a huge fan of the show. He said that Married… With Children was one of his guilty pleasures. Roger was also good friends with Katey’s father, Boris Sagal. The fan base of the show was as wide as Peggy’s mom’s skirt. Not everyone was so open about their love of the Bundy’s, but their ratings were so high that it was impossible for people not to be watching. You don’t have a smash hit on television if there aren’t people from all walks of life watching. You know that you’re doing something right when 007 himself comes out and admits that he’s a huge fan of the show.

Ed’s Move was Mentioned on the Show

Ed O’Neill had a leading role in the movie Dutch. His film was mentioned two times on Married… With Children. It wasn’t uncommon for products to be mention on the show. However, it was pretty amazing that the network allowed mention of his movie twice. Ed’s ability to juggle a leading role on television and make a movie simultaneously was incredible. It proved that he had the type of talent that most actors can only dream of. If you haven’t seen Dutch, it’s a great movie because it shows Ed in his prime in a very different light than when he played Al.

The U.K. Had Their Own Version

It’s not uncommon for a show that becomes a hit in one country to be transported to another. Married… With Children found it’s way across the pond to the U.K. sadly, The British didn’t find the show funny, and it only lasted seven weeks. The cast doesn’t look as hilarious or entertaining as their American counterparts. You can scour the internet if you’re a die-hard fan to see what type of humor they put into all the actors’ mouths. Though, you’ll still come back to your favorite version of Al and the gang. The Bundy’s went to England once, which was more than enough traveling outside of the country for this family.

Ed Has a Theory Why the Show Was Canceled

Ed O’Neill’s theory why the show got canceled was because it turned out to be too expensive to shoot. Married… With Children cost a million dollars per episode to shoot during its final season. You can look at the first few seasons and tell that there was a huge drop in the show’s quality. In the first few years, the show was much cheaper to film. Was Ed right that the reason Fox canceled Married… With Children was due to the cost per episode? The cost was probably one of the concerns, and so was Kelly and Bud’s age. There’s only so much you can do with children who aren’t children anymore and still keep it as a funny show about a family.

Ed’s Talents Speak for Themselves

Ed O’Neill has been in television, movies, and he’s a black belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu. For a guy who played a husband and father who was pretty much useless, he has quite a bit of talent. Ed’s career didn’t stop when Married… With Children ended. Some say his best work was when he was away from the show and no longer played Al. any die-hard Married… With Children fan obviously disagrees. What you can’t disagree with is, Ed has been able to stay busy all of these years because of his talent. Some of what he does is a natural ability, but Ed’s a bit of a workaholic who has worked hard to sharpen his craft and be the best actor he can be.

Ed’s Wife Appeared on Married… With Children

Ed’s real-life wife Catherine Rusoff appeared on several episodes of Married… With Children. Each is so professional that none of the fans knew they’re a real couple. It’s not uncommon for spouses to make guest appearances on television shows. It happens all the time, but even mega-fans probably didn’t even notice when she was staring next to her husband. It has to make you feel a little sad that this is his real-life wife and not Peggy. It feels odd to think of Al being in love with anyone other than the redheaded woman who wants to ruin his life but yet loves him at the same time.

The Bundy’s Can’t Catch a Break

Ed’s idea was that the Bundy’s should win the lottery and then get struck by lighting. How else could the final show end? You can’t have the Bundy’s going off to live happily ever after. There’s no way that Al could ever get any happiness in his life at all. How could he, with Peggy by his side making his life a nightmare? Love was what the family had, and they had an odd togetherness that kept their bond tight. They also shared the same bad luck streak that followed them to the very end. The show was consistent in that regard from day one until the curtain closed for good.

Marcy’s Name Was a Tribute

If you thought that Marcy D’Arsy’s name sounded funny, you’re not alone because Al did too. You might remember that Marcy married Jefferson after a wild night. It was only after she woke up and sobered up that she realized her name was so bizarre. What you might not know is, Marcy’s name was a tribute to Marcy Carsey, the executive producer of The Cosby Show. The odd-sounding name wasn’t only added for comedic purposes, but it also was a tribute to a fine woman. Did you know that? if you did, you should consider yourself in the top tier of Married… With Children fans.

The Funniest Moment of Married… With Children

Did you know there was a poll taken to see which episode of Married… With Children fans think is the funniest? The episode that won was where Al was on the roof fixing the antenna and kept falling off. You might also remember when the family had to assume the position to tune in Fox. Fans by far say that this is the episode that makes them laugh the hardest. Are you surprised? If so, you probably have a different episode that you think is funny. Every episode featured side-splitting comedy, and it’s hard to single out any specific show that’s the funniest for most fans.

The Bundy Home Still Exists

Did you know that the house the Bundy’s supposedly lived in is real? Yes, that house actually does exist about 20 miles outside of Chicago. You can go and see the house, though you should do so with great caution. Keep in mind that actual people are living there and you don’t want to disturb them. beyond any of that, none of Married… With Children was filmed in the home. The house was only a prop in the sense that no one was ever actually there. If you’re ever in Chicago, swing by and see the house that Married… With Children made famous. If that doesn’t sound appealing, go eat one of those famous Chicago hot dogs with the salad on top of it. Seriously, they put salad on top of their hot dogs.