The Ever-Changing Kardashian Sisters Kylie Jenner And Khloé

Kylie essentially grew up in every way in front of the camera. She was just 10 years old when Keeping Up With The Kardashians first aired. Foreseeing the changes that were in front of her throughout the course of her lifetime would range from shock to pleasant surprises for both her and her onlooking fans.

Khloé, on the other hand, is 13 years older than Kylie. She was already into her 20’s when the show began but in many ways has matured in front of the camera since Day One when she appeared as a dark, long-haired image on the television screen.

One thing both girls have in common is that they both became mothers the same year, and being a mom has been the biggest change for both of them. Let’s follow the ever-changing Kardashian sisters Kylie Jenner and Khloé as they transform before our eyes from child or young adult into their current day look.

Introducing Kylie Jenner

When the world first became aware of who Kylie was, she appeared to be much like any other ten-year-old kid in America. She would appear in front of the camera as a little girl with long, often straggly hair that looked as though it could use a good brushing. Her teeth even had a slight childhood gap, and if you look closely you might even notice her freckly, sun-kissed nose. Her nose, along with a few other key physical features, would eventually be in the spotlight as a question of debate about did she or didn’t she have a nose job? Viewers would watch her grow up and quickly discover who she really is as she was learning herself.

Quickly Flirting With Adulthood

Going back to 2007, when Season One made its debut, Kylie was ten years old. The only seemingly abnormal thing in her life was that she was constantly in front of a camera. And, it was a camera in the hands of her half brother that would propel her into the most trouble on screen. Perhaps the most memorable introduction to Kylie’s not-so-childish antics was when her half-brother filmed her play acting with her mom’s stripper pole. While it was obvious through her still innocent ten-year-old eyes, she didn’t fully understand its meaning, it did put her in a different light in front of the camera as a child playing around with adult actions.

Innocence Of Childhood

One look into her eyes, it’s easy to tell that the lifestyle of being put on display for all to see is new to her. Though, she would eventually grow into the expectations of fans. Still an innocent child thrust before a viewing audience, Kylie portrayed a sweet, young girlish look. She was, after all, still a kid. She was very often displayed in just enough makeup to not be washed out by the camera lights, which let viewers see and get to know what the real Kylie was all about. Her wardrobe was also typically comfortable and casual with very little emphasis on glamourous style.

Growing Up In Front Of A Camera

As the show progressed into the second season, Kylie was still a kid. However, she was entering the early stages of puberty. The young tween would listen intently as sister Khloé, 13 years older than Kylie, was anxious to instruct little sister about all of the changes that would soon transpire as her body began to mature. Other than learning about the most private and embarrassing parts of life discussed in front of a camera for the world to hear, she was still a fairly normal child. Though, her innocent childhood was slowly transforming for all to see. Older sister Khloé was always willing to lead the way showing Kylie what growing up would mean.

First Experiments With A Makeover

By Season 3, Kylie was heading into her teen years and was becoming accustomed to the cameras that had become a part of the family. Her dad had not yet started the transformation into changing from Bruce to Caitlyn, and Kylie was starting to test the waters about who she was and how she should look. She started experimenting with makeup and hair styles, appearing with a blonde streak in her dark hair. She also was starting to learn a bit about medical procedures that most adults go through. When she overheard her parents discussing a colonoscopy, she was a bit freaked out thinking something might be terribly wrong with her parents’ health. Little did she know how much her dad’s life would soon change.

Becoming Comfortable With The Makeover Idea As A Way Of Life

The first makeover was so much fun and met with such success that it became something Kylie would come to make a way of life. She began to brush and style her hair and would soon play around with a variety of shades of color and lengths. Still keeping her natural length and color at this point, her makeup attempts would focus more on her golden brown eyes with overly accentuated eyeliner and mascara. By now, her childish freckles were almost never noticed underneath makeup that also began to carefully sculpt her facial features and keep her appearance on the soft side without looking like a kid.

Feeling The Brunt Of Being The Youngest

By Season Four, Kylie was beginning to feel the brunt of what it means to be the youngest in the family. She sometimes felt hurt and disregarded, pushed aside. That is, what it feels like to be the youngest gorgeous female of a family filled with beautiful women several years older than her. She felt especially forgotten or passed over when her sister Kendall started wanting to be a model. It seemed as though all eyes were on her sister leaving her unnoticed and feeling as if she was less desirable. She was also feeling left out of the older sibling’s lives.

Trouble At Home

By Season Five, Kylie was stepping into the shoes of her teenage years quite naturally as far as how she looked and how she carried herself still with an air of sweetness. She did, however, start noticing that her parents fought quite a bit. This worried her with thoughts that her parents might call it quits on their marriage and ask for a divorce. Despite her mother’s reassurance that everything was fine and that all marriages have periods of upset along with bliss, she continued to feel anxious about their family and whether or not they would stay together. It was also during these years that she learned her mom had a secret smoking problem.

Time To Be A Full-Fledged Teen

If you’re going to be a teenager growing up in front of a camera, it’s about time you act like one. During Season Six, Kylie fully embraces being a teenager straight down to the attitude. She began searching for more and more independence and time spent with her sisters and with her friends instead of always with mom keeping tabs on her. Mom Kris was going through some difficult transitioning of her own as she watched her youngest daughter start to step into the shoes of a teen and resist the motherly attention that the two had previously very much enjoyed together.

High School Means Home School

Newly into her high school years, Kylie and her sister Kendall began to look for ways they could become their own people and not be known only as one of the Kardashian’s younger sisters. She and Kendall hooked up with Seventeen magazine to contribute their work. Kylie stepped into this new adventure extremely naturally. She loved walking up to strangers to strike up a conversation as part of this new work. However, the demands began to take their toll with Kylie becoming more and more anxious and unable to make it to school many days. Schooling at home became the best solution. Eventually, she adjusted to the new way of learning while continuing to enter the beauty business.

Sweet, Or Not-So-Sweet 16

During Season Eight, Kylie turned Sweet 16. Or, maybe it wasn’t so sweet with a dark side of Alice in Wonderland party theme. While her mom and her sisters tried holding onto her childhood, Kylie was gracefully taking on the role of a sixteen-year-old up and coming sensation in artistic fashion. She had become accustomed to homeschooling, branching off into the business world of teen fashion and beauty, and having cameras follow her around all day and all night long. She was also becoming her own person and was starting to step away from even her closest sister, Kendall, in exchange for much-longed-for time with her friends.

Showing Off Personal Artistic Flair

By the time Season Nine rolled around, Kylie had spent close to seven years in front of a camera revealing all of her precious, sweet, and not-so-sweet growing pains for the world to see. She had a flair for artistic style and started expressing her own sense of fashion. The most notable change was when she turned her the look of her long, dark hair into a shorter, cropped style with a douse of blue. This would not be the last time she changed her look by changing her hair color. It was during this season that she learned her parents were separating and that her dad was identifying as a woman named Caitlyn. She and her sister also published a book, Rebels: City of Indra.

The Beginning Of The Blonde

In 2015 through 2016, Kylie would go through a variety of transitions in hair color and wigs, mostly flaunting a vast array of extremes from dark to blonde and even blue and pink. However, some shades and tints in between were overnight sensations that didn’t stick around. The platinum look that transformed over night was actually not planned. Her hairdresser was attempting to give her a more golden blonde look but it ended up going straight up white. Regardless of how her hair turns out after styling changes, Kylie always wears it well. But, don’t ever expect one look to remain the same for long.

Focus On Her Lips

By Season Ten, the focal point of Kylie’s appearance were her lips. She once again had her long, dark hair back, probably with a little help from some hair extensions and had started her own beauty empire. She and Kendall had their own clothing lines, she branched off into hair extensions, she had written a book with her sister, and she had purchased her first home at the age of 17 as she was soon to graduate high school. However, with all of these huge successes to her name, what audiences focused on were her large lips. Turns out, she had always been insecure about the way her lips looked, and she wanted to plump them up a bit. In the end, it all worked to her advantage as it was the kickoff of her Kylie Lip Kits beauty line.

Kylie Madam Tussauds

By 2017, Kylie had become such a sensation and a household name in her own rights. So much so, that Madam Tussauds had a wax figure made in her likeness. She stood alongside it as if she had a twin sister for photo shoots. As the wax works of art have become notorious for, the crafter was spot on right down to the make up. The only striking difference between the wax and the real is the length and wave in the hair. The wax Kylie modeled after the reality TV star is sporting a short, straight bob cut. While, the real-life Kylie shows off long, cascading wavy rich dark hair.

The Start Of Adulting

On Season Eleven, she was officially entering adulthood by turning 18 and had already graduated high school. Welcome to the real world, Kylie. As her friends were heading off to college, she was enjoying her new Ferrari and getting closer to her long-time beau, Tyga. For her 18th birthday, she had her hair dyed blonde. Her look began to appear more young adult-like as well, touting a much lighter hair color than the little girl’s dark locks audiences had become accustomed to seeing on screen. She had been in front of a camera since she was a child and was now ready to see what it meant to be Kylie, no longer a kid.

Red Hair In Braids

By her 19th birthday, she had changed her hair color and style so much it was clear that she was trying out new styles and figuring out which ones she felt the most comfortable with. Who was the real Kylie? She stunned audiences when she showed up with not only a new hair color but a drastically different style as well. Ready for the beach or pool side, she had her hair colored fire red and put up in braids for a swimsuit shoot that would leave fans doing a double take wondering if that was really her. Soon, she would bounce back to darker locks in a shorter style.

Who Is The Real Kylie?

By the time Season Twelve was going strong, Kylie was growing weary of all of the attention all of the time. Every where she turned there was a camera, whether it be one to film the reality television show she had starred on for almost half of her life or one at the hands of paparazzi. She couldn’t even run to the corner store to pick up a quick item or go out at all without being spotted and instant attention drawn to her. She even claimed that she just was not born for this kind of lifestyle. To counter this, she and older sisters Kendall and Khloé would dress up in unrecognizable, even crazy, costumes to go out.

Walking Away, Where Is Kylie?

Season 13 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians KUWTK rolled cameras only to discover that Kylie was missing. She had now spent half of her life on the show and was tiring of the constant attention unable to make a move without it being broadcast. She stepped away from the show with rumors floating as to what had happened to Kylie. The truth is that behind the scenes she and boyfriend Rapper Travis Scott were getting closer and would soon be expecting a baby. In addition to this life-changing event in her life, she had also been given her own spin-off reality TV show called Life of Kylie.

All Grown Up And Privately Pregnant

Kylie remained off camera for much of Season 13 and 14. In the final episode of Season 14, she showed up to show off her baby bump and satisfying the rumors were true. Her brilliant off-camera secret allowed her to keep something in her life private for the first time ever since before she was 10. She had even avoided being captured on camera during her family’s annual Christmas card shoot. She did make one brief appearance in a Calvin Klein ad, but she was covered by a blanket so as not to reveal her secret. She had uploaded her last Instagram post on Christmas, 2017 with all of the recent photos being throwback snaps or close-ups of only her face. Though, she was dropping some subtle hints with her postings of pink themed photos.

Becoming A Mom

Kylie continued to masterfully keep a low profile off camera as her pregnancy progressed. She did not appear again on camera until Episode 4 of Season 15, and it was not long before she would give birth and introduce her daughter, Stormi to the world. It was during this season that older sister Khloé had a big expectant motherhood announcement of her own and feared overshadowing Kylie’s big moment. Meanwhile, Kylie was loving the privacy off camera. The two delivered babies just two months apart. Kylie remained true to her desire to keep her pregnancy and birth details as quiet and low key as possible.

Adjusting To Motherhood And BFF Betrayal

During Season 16, while Kylie was adjusting and loving becoming a mom to Stormi, she found herself in the middle between her best friend and her sister, Khloé. The truth came out that while Kylie was expecting Stormi, her sister Khloé was expecting her daughter True with boyfriend Tristan Thompson. However, Tristan was not so true to Khloé. It was discovered that while Khloé was pregnant, Tristan had cheated on her with Kylie’s best friend, Jordyn Woods. Kylie now found herself in a tug-o-war between her friend and her sister as she reveled in and grew into being a new mom herself. Meanwhile, her sister Khloé was going through changes of her own.

The Young Mom Look

No matter which look Kylie Jenner has shown us over the years, she looks like a natural as a mom. It seems her pregnancy glow never dimmed. She has admitted to eventually ultimately wanting 7 children. For now, she enjoys time with her daughter, Stormi who is a result of her relationship with Travis Scott. Reportedly, he would love to rekindle the love between Kylie one day. Though, for Kylie her focus is now on being the best mother she can be. Whatever her future holds with or without Travis as a love connection, Kylie sure looks like a natural beauty and ever so contented as a mom.

What About Her Sister?

From baby sister Kylie who almost completely grew up in front of a camera which she had abruptly shoved in front of her to Baby K Khloé who was a young adult when the reality show fame began, the two have gone through many changes over the years. While Kylie naturally changed from a child on the verge of adolescence as the camera followed her into young adulthood, Khloé has gone through many changing moods and looks herself. Both would transition into becoming a mom as they adapt to maintain their on-screen image and beauty careers. Now let’s look at Kylie’s sister Khloé and her many changes throughout the years.

Introducing Khloé

Unlike baby sister Kylie, in Season One of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloé was already into early adulthood at the age of 22. She first appeared on camera with just enough makeup to accent her already fresh, soft face that was framed with cascading dark, long hair. Throughout the year and into the next, the most her appearance would change is to add a few lighter highlights to her hair. Her makeup would remain understated with just enough flair to her eyelashes and eyeliner to draw a focal point to her golden brown eyes. Her naturally full lips remained mostly simply tinted and glossed.

Curves And Signature Back Side

The girl has always had a gorgeous shape, but she came onto the reality television scene with curves and a back side that became a Kardashian signature look. In the beginning of getting to know Khloé, her curves looked a bit different than they do today. While she has lost a bit of her extravagant initial curve look, she has always had a larger back side. Though, as part of her body transformation, she would begin to focus on accentuating and sculpting only the curves she wanted to show off. Her booty is one curve that she chose to pay special attention to as it is quite a bit more noticeable nowadays.

One Feature Stood Out

While she was going through some changes with hair, makeup, and working out to get a fit body toned, photographers were constantly zooming in one one specific figure. The Kardashians have been noted for their large butts. While hers would eventuallly appear to stand out all the more with speculation of enhancements, she has always been a bit bottom-heavy. Part of what gets her noticed in later years is that she put a lot of concentrated effort into slimming her waistline that her bum garners a lot of attention in contrast to the tiny sized waist, as it stands out all the more.

Casual Khloé

Back in the beginning of showing herself on camera, her style was quite a bit more casual than it is today. She could often be seen wearing casual styles like these jean cut-off shorts and plain-colored shirt worn during a red carpet event for Nivea back in 2011. While she looks comfortable and at-home with her subdued glamour look, it is a sharp contrast to the girl fans have come to know. She does, however, add some class with the extremely high-heeled shoes that elongate her legs and show off a pedicure. Though, as nice as it is, the yellow handbag doesn’t seem to pull any outfit together.

Fuller Facial Features

As fans and photographers zoomed into specific features of her body and took note of every last change that appeared to be made, she was transforming into how she wanted to be portrayed. At first, she appeared to have facial features that were more rounded and plump giving rise to the rumors being floated that she must have had work done. Her nose, lips and cheeks seem to be naturally more full. Whether her newest looks are the result of cosmetic surgery or a lot of hard work in the gym, it’s clear that something changed to sculpt and slim down almost every physical feature.

Dark Long Hair

There was something appealing about her hair that made Khloé look healthy and gorgeous. The natural dark hues of her eyes blended well with her understated make up and skin tone. Keeping in step with her older sisters, she held onto her natural dark locks that cascaded gently down just below her chest line. From the start, this girl captured beauty on camera that adoring fans strived to imitate. She was always seen in her natural, long, dark, healthy, bouncy subtle wavy hair. This was before she made the drastic shift to a much lighter hair color.

Pear-Shaped Figure

There are a few different shapes of women that are often classified according to the fruit in which they resemble. For Khloé, this was always looking very much like a pear. A pear-shaped body is one that is smaller up top and gently curves into a well-rounded larger bottom. Her pear-shape figure is a bit sculpted differently nowadays to look more like a perfect rounded hourglass. She has also more recently done a great deal of toning to her arms and overall appearance. But, back in 2011, the pear-like contours were very appealing even though they would later become far more toned and precise.

Changing Hair Color

Before going drastically blonde, she began to subtly change her hair color by gradually lightening it up. She made the transition from dark brunette to an ombré hair color which she pulled off well. In fact, she was one of the first celebrities to even attempt this new look in hair that starts with dark shades on the top and ends up with lighter tints on the bottom of the hair. She looked amazing showing off with dark roots gradually cascading into lighter golden brown tips. She still revealed the Kardashian long, flowing hair while changing up the color ever so subtly.

Trimming Down

About five years after first appearing on the reality show hit, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she is looking quite a bit trimmer and not so rounded as fans had come to expect from Khloé. Her new slimmer look was a result of her diet. She began eating cleaner foods. She also started paying a lot of attention and devotion to spending time working out. This was the beginning of her drastic body makeover transformations that continue to this day. She is a gym work-out enthusiast and continues to eat in the healthiest manner possible. It all started here, in 2012.

The Blonde Transition Begins

With new healthy eating and work-out habits, she began to focus on her dark locks. Previously seeing how well received the ombré look took off for her, she decided to go all out. By 2013, she was making a more noticeable change to switching from an ombré gradual dark to light look and going full-fledged blonde. Only, she wouldn’t start with the platinum blonde look. She started her blonde transition by going golden. The golden locks framed her face and softened her facial features quite a bit. Even her skin tone appeared to be a bit more golden now.

Less of Her

Whatever her secret, whether she underwent plastic surgery or body sculpting with hard workouts in the gym with a personal trainer, something is obviously changing. She began to appear in public with a noticebly tinier waistline. But, that’s not all that fans began to notice looking more streamlined. Her facial features also began to slim down looking not so chunky or full. Maybe some of it had to do with the fashions she chose with outfits that accentuated a transforming hourglass figure underneath. But, it was becoming very clear that something was changing as the beauty world watched to see how she would look next.

Dramatically And Totally Blonde

With her new slimmer body and lighter locks being so well received and admired, she decided to go even blonder. By 2014, she presented herself on camera with an extremely dramatically and almost totally blonde look. Though, she would still make the move from naturally dark brunette to lighter blonde, the look suited her well and highlighted features in her face even more. While, she still had a subtle ombré look to the very much lighter hair, this blonde new look was what began to define her and she adopted it as part of her signature attraction.

Sculpted Hourglass Figure

With her new, extremely well-received lighter hair look, Khloé began to focus on sculpting her body. She started by focusing on trimming down her waistline drastically. She was so successful at slimming her waist that her hips began to get attention. From there, she worked at sculpting a well-rounded hourglass figure. She was entering her 30s as she appeared to be gaining time with a new healthy look as a result of eating well and exercise. Her new ultra slim waistline was so small that it made her hips appear even larger though well-sculpted and rounded. Her legs also unveiled as toned and beautiful.

Overly Accented Unnaturally Large Bum

As she gracefully transitioned into her 30s, Khloé continued to work out in an effort to carefully sculpt her figure. The more she focused on changing the shape of her body, the more onlookers noticed that her bum was becoming bigger and bigger with each passing day and with each new photograph that would eventually tend to pan into her back side to draw attention to its size. As could be expected, the newly large bum attracted a lot of attention that stirred the rumor mill making accusations that she must have had plastic surgery to enhance her back side. She continues to deny that there is any truth to these claims.

Face And Body Sculpted

Whatever this realtiy TV star was doing, it was working as she stepped out looking amazing. She began to show off more of an hourglass figure that displayed a slowly shrinking mid section as her body lines gradually rounded out from there. She was looking amazing, and onlookers took note of how not only her body was looking sculpted but her facial features seemed to have been tweeked a bit as well. Her nose looked carefully sculpted to appear longer and thinner, and her lips were plump. Speculation of how she was achieving this brand new look arose front and center in the headlines.

Skilled Makeup Artists Or Plastic Surgery?

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As she was busy sculpting her shape at the gym and eating right, fans began to take notice that her nose appeared to look different, and her cheekbones looked higher and more contoured as well. She adamantly denied claims that she has had any work done stating that it is purely done through skilled makeup artists at work. Skeptical fans still wonder what her true secret is, and many have not given up the idea that she has at the very least used some type of filler to give her face a sharper structure and rich contour. Whatever it is, she looks fabulous. And, her secret is so far safely kept.


One Instagram picture specifically made fans do a double take, as Khloé is almost completely unrecognizable. She shows off a fabfufun box of products as fans drew their attention to her slimmer stomach. They also noted how amazing her arms were so well toned. It was made crystal clear to everyone that all of her extreme hard work was paying off. Or, was it a result of some work she had done? She will never tell if that is the case, and it doesn’t matter because the truth is that she has put a lot of effort into her appearance regardless of how she attained the end results.

Pregnancy Of The Public

Her new slimmer body that she put so much work into was about to change. She became pregnant with daughter True, and the whole world would step into every part of her pregnancy. Unlike Kylie’s desire to keep her own pregnancy quiet, Khloé relished all of the attention. She looked amazing the entire time as her perfectly trimmed body began to transform into that of an expectant mother, still looking stunning. She stepped out to show off her baby bump at a Christmas Eve party just 4 months before she would give birth. Even very much pregnant, she looked glamorous and sensational. All of her adoring fans dreamed of looking this great while expecting a baby.

Beautiful Pregnant Belly

If ever a mom-to-be could be said to look as though she were glowing, it would be Khloé. She fully wrapped her entire heart, soul, mind, and body around her pregnancy and showed it off in style. Looking completely blonde and even more beautiful than ever, her eyes come off as an almost green color which is a contrast to her usual browner eye look. She was growing another little True beauty inside of her that she would birth in April of 2018. Until the moment she held her adorable little girl in her arms, she fully rocked the pregnant look with gorgeous and attraction and welcomed lavished attention.

Post-Pregnancy Look

In no time after giving birth, she regained her hourglass figure. While the birth of her daughter was a life-changing experience for her, this new mom didn’t waste any time reclaiming her own body to look fabulous once again very rapidly. Just two months after giving birth to True, she was getting her pre-pregnancy stunning body back. She couldn’t wait to slip back into a tight-fitting outfit to show off her back-in-shape curves and post-pregnancy look. She held onto her light blonde, long wavy locks and pulled them up into a high ponytail for this photo op making her look even more youthful and jaw-dropping amazing.

Let’s Be Blunt

With body sculpting perfection behind her, what more could she change? Like many new moms, she opted to chop her hair to a straight, blunt bob cut and keep it platinum blonde. Only she could pull this off, going from the long, dark hair everyone got to know her with to a gradual lighter look until finalizing into not only a whiter blonde but a shorter and straighter cut. But, the color works on her. It accents her fair skin so well making her appear less tanned or bronzed, a bit more youthful, and overall extremely flattering no matter which way you look at it.

Back To Casual

Proving that she could pull off just about every look and style, this Koko makeup line creator was seen back in her once-comfortable more casual look. She flaunted a denim jumpsuit with rapidly growing hair. Still blonde, her straight, long hair now showed dark roots. Her makeup was so contoured that it once again left fans questioning if she had a nose job. She has repeatedly shot down these accusations saying that the idea scares her, so she sticks with the art of makeup to get the look she wants. And, she is a master at pulling off a variety of versatile looks with or without plastic surgery.

Curly Brown Flashback

She has proven over the years that this Kardashian can pull off just about any look or hair color. In a throwback photo posted to her Instagram account, Khloé took us all back to her darker roots. Only this time, she is seen in a rare curly, full-bodied do. The picture was part of a photo shoot for KKW fragrance that was done alongside and in support of her sisters. It would be tough to deny how natural and absolutely gorgeous she appears in her closer-to-natural hair color. The full-bodied wavy curls only add to the attraction level.

Let’s Meet Halfway With Bronde

Her latest color to be unveiled is the new bronde look. This color seems to take the extreme blonde and extreme brunette and blend it meeting somewhere nicely in the middle of the two polar opposite ends of the spectrum. Her new bronde look highlights her eye color. The high ponytail is a nice flattering touch as well. This new mom has put on her new role with beauty and a lot of hard work. She can be found lately working out several times a week and eating well when not spending time with her daughter, True Thompson. Her viewing public cannot wait to see what look is next.

Stepping Into Motherhood

As of late, Khloé’s new look suits her. She often dons a high ponytail and has returned subtly to her more natural coloring. She has made the gym her home away from home and tries to incorporate her daughter True into her at-home workout sessions. Now into her mid thirties, she makes mothering look appealing as seen alongside her now 2-year-old daughter whom she had with her ex Tristan Thompson. When not in the gym, she has been seen pulling True in a wagon or simply enjoying some mom and daughter time. Whatever look she has for us next, motherhood sure looks good on her.