You Choose! Who Wore It Better?

In the fashion world, it is generally considered to be a faux pas to show up at a party wearing the same designer look as the host or another guest. Let’s face it, though! Sometimes, a good look just looks too good to pass up, and two stars compete for which one wears it better. What happens when the same wardrobe is spotted being worn by another famous person? It’s time to find out. Some of the most popular celebrities go head to head wearing the exact same, or at least very similar, outfits. Which one pulls off the look best?

Harry Styles and Miley Cyrus Show Off Same Sparkly Top

Can a former contestant of The X Factor compete with a look-alike outfit with the popular American singer and songwriter actress? Whether it is done in a pantsuit or skirt, it seems this plunging neckline sequined black tie-front top looks good either way. The accessories only seem to add extra style and pizzazz to the overall look. Both Harry and Miley accentuated the look with plenty of bling, rings, and necklaces that fill the gap. Of course, Miley may have a bit more sparkle with her shiny silver bracelet and dangling earrings. Harry sure looked good rocking the outfit perfectly in sync for an Oscar party for a Saturday Night Live performance.

Kim Kardashian And Kylie Jenner Cross Paths In Same Top

Is it the same top, or just a coincidence that these two reality TV stars showed up the same day wearing the same thing. Looks like someone has been sharing somebody’s closet. Let’s hope she had the permission of her sis. But, which one is wearing the other’s wardrobe? Kylie Jenner was seen out on the town with her friend Anastasia Karanikolaou. Guess what she was wearing? That’s right. Jenner was wearing this checkered Charlotte Knowles halter top. Turns out, Kim Kardashian had the same idea. The exact same day, Kim showed up wearing it in an Instagram post. To be fair, the pants add a bit of an individual flare that sets Kim apart.

Zendaya And Gwyneth Paltrow Face-Off In Battle-Ready Bright Pink Top

If you’re going to look like a superhero, you might as well do it in style. One wore the top on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, while the other chose the look to be spotlighted during the 25th annual Critics’ Choice Awards in January, 2020, before a pandemic sent everyone into a lockdown and out of sight. This pink Tom Ford ensemble is designed in a metallic breastplate that is molded to a form-fitting sheen. The look led Gwyneth Paltrow to post with glee that she finally has something in common with Zendaya. Though, to be fair, the two already have Spider-Man in common.

Kourtney And Kim Kardashian On The Prowl In Same Dress

Move over Tiger King! These two are in competition to be your queen. Yes, it’s true that sisters often share each other’s clothes, but in their case it looks more like a case of sisters being catty. This dress is a vintage Roberto Cavalli tiger print and was designed in a sleek, sundress fashion. These girls have taken it out on the prowl to get noticed. Both wear it well, but which style is the most appealing? Is it the sleek full-length look with full-on tiger face in view or the one posed in mermaid-like style perched on top of a rock by the beach?

Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid in Look-Alike Sheer Beauty

If you’re going to wear something this sleek and skimpy, your hair is going to have to be just as pulled back and sleek to match. One pulls back blond hair, while the other slicks back dark hair. When Dua Lipa walked into the spotlight wearing this at the 2019 MTV EMAs, she delivered a jaw-dropping performance. Her bodysuit, nylons and high-heel boots captured the attention of all who watched. The outfit was a black cutout bodysuit with sheer tights that showed off some cheeks. The design was by mugler. Before she showed off the skimpy look, Bella Hadid had already introduced the nylons and cut-away tailored jacket bodysuit during a Paris Fashion Week. Her shoes were lace-up heels.

The Exes Caitlyn Jenner And Kris Jenner Wear The Same Little Black Dress!

Every feminine look needs a basic black dress to slip on and look elegant and dressy for any occasion. Whether the affair is upper class or casually dressy, this one will turn any attire into a sleek and fashionable classy look. It features a gold zipper at an angle on the left side. Did Kris donate her used clothing to her ex-husband, who is now Caitlyn? These side-by-side dress wearers were once husband and wife. Kris wore it first in pictures dated back to 2012 as she hosted a Midori Parlour event. Side by side, these two wear this dress well.

Zendaya And Timothée Chalamet In Same Fushia Suit

Is the color fushia or magenta? Either way, it’s bright and bold on both the feminine touch and a bit of a masculine version. This is true even if the two did wear the suit three years apart from each other. So, it turns out that Zendaya set the tone for inspiration with Chalamet following in her footsteps. Maybe the main difference are the heels versus the black Beatles boots. In reality, there are a few subtle differences. One of these suits is part of the Stella McCartney fashion designer’s works of art. The other is very similarly designed by Christian Siriano.

Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid Enjoying Poolside in The Same Suit

On which gorgeous model does this bold orange swimsuit look best? Both make the monokini swimwear look stunning. Both individually showed off the suit on their separate Instagram posts just before Thanksgiving of 2019. What goes best with orange? Gold jewelry, of course, and perhaps a little product placement. Hadid took full opportunity of the photoshoot to show off her tangerine Chrome Hearts sunglasses. The glasses only make the brilliant color pop all the more. The question is, will either swimsuit-clad brunette actually jump into the pool, or are they satisfied hanging out by the side of the pool looking great?

Jennifer Lawrence And Kim Kardashian In Black And White

The choice of who looks best in this dress should be as clear as black and white. The only difference here is that one dress is black and the other white. It features an unzipped back and otherwise basic midi dress. The hem falls just beneath the knee. Kim and Jennifer were both seen wearing this Tom Ford backless zipper dress. Of course, Kim seems to turn the outfit into a figure-hugging event. Jennifer Lawrence wore it at an event promoting Hunger Games. These women wear the contrasting colored dress with their opposite hair color. And, both women wear their hair down and rock the heels. Which one wore it better?

Victoria Beckham and Meghan Markle Wear Same Dress

Who wears it best, the designer herself or the one who became known as Duchess of Sussex as the world looked on in wonder? Some may simply know her as the former Prince Harry’s bride. To be fair, one of these two women is quite pregnant and wearing a white blazer and hat, while the other is very slim and adds a bandanna-like scarf to the look. Although, if the two were side-by-side, Meghan could have done her baby gender reveal simply by her choice of shoe color of a subtle grayish-blue as opposed to Beckham’s bright pink. The all-white dress features a dark chain print swirled about.

Zendaya and Storm Reid In The Same Three-Piece Suit

Who steps out better in this Tommy Hilfiger black and white geometric line design print suit throwback. The suit is definitely retro offering three pieces that can be worn pristine tailored or with relaxed style and comfort. Either way looks chic and amazing. Zendaya looked perfectly pressed and put together when she was seen earlier in the exact same suit that Storm Reid, her Euphoria co-star, would later also wear. Only the Wrinkle In Time actress, Reid, added a bit of her own style to the suit when she chose to wear the jacket a bit more casual, draped across her shoulders. Be careful not to wrinkle.

Jonathan Van Ness and Jameela Jamil Show Off The Same Flashy Pink Dress

When The Queer Eye star showed up wearing the same dress as Jameela Jamil had worn to the YSL Libre launch party just one week earlier, the actress took it in good humor tweeting that Van Ness wore it best. Who looks better in this brilliantly pink dress? Did they both just step out of a bath with a pink towel wrapped around them? Oh, wait! It’s a strapless trapeze Rochas dress. Whether you see the dress as fabulous and lovely or like someone wrapped pink fabric around these two and stuck a bow on it, which one of these two wear it best?

Kim Kardashian and Winnie Harlow Pull Off The Same Dress

Don’t worry! You’re not seeing double. Though, you may agree that this dress offers so much dazzling, head-turning style that it deserves to be worn by more than one beauty who can pull off the look in style. Both make this figure-hugging dress look amazing. The dress is a green and yellow Maisie Wilen design. Reality TV show star Kim Kardashian paired the dress with yellow shoes that picked up the yellow curved lines of the dress. When Winnie Harlow wore it, she chose to accent the yellow with a matching clutch. The color and design of the dress accents the dark, sleek hairstyles and fit, curvy bodies of both Kardashian and Harlow.

Michael B. Jordan and Zendaya Caught In The Same Suit

He looked perfectly poised, pristine and tailored when he wore the exact same suit that Zendaya rocked as well. She added a bit more feminine curve. Of course, the heels don’t hurt matters any. The suit is a dark gray Beriuti that features a double breasted button-up jacket and precisely creased pleated pants. It looks like the two added their own button-down collar shirts and tie underneath. Michael B. Jordan wore his suit to a Vanity Fair Oscar party back in 2019. Zendaya wore hers to the Harper’s Bazaar Icon party the same year. So, who do you think wears it best?

Brooke Burke and Sofía Vergara Wear The Same Dress

Comfort and style don’t need to be two separate options. These two prove that point well as they were both spotted wearing the same blue and white striped midi dress from Sofia Jeans by Sofia Vergara. Who looks better in this dress? Is it the one whose name is on the designer label or the one who loves the look so much that she wanted to wear it herself? The dress features an off-the-shoulder ruffled top with the hemline of the skirt falling just below the knees and waistline adding just a hint of form fitting. The choice may come down to which one chose the best shoes and accessories.

Emily Ratajkowski and Gigi Hadid Rocking The Same Dress

Which one wears this long Michael Kors black sequin dress best? Gigi Hadid showed it off as she walked down the runway of a fashion show. Emily Ratajkowski, often referred to as simply EmRata, chose to wear the same stunning dress to the 2019 Tony Awards. What this dress designer chose to leave off on top makes up for it in the long, flowing fabric of the skirt. Although, there are side cuts along the skirt as well. When you need to wear a black dress to an elegant affair, this one is sure to stand out in a crowd. It features a bikini-like top and a long skirt that is held up only in the center front.

Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner Poolside In the Same Suit

Nothing could go wrong with these two bathing beauties out relaxing in the sun and catching some rays by the water. If you’re going to rock the animal print beach look, you might as well do it with style. Not sure which of these two wear it best. The one-piece suit is an animal-print Onia x WeWoreWhat! While one sister goes for the braided hair and sunglasses look, the younger of the two looks adorable in a beach straw sun hat that transforms the look of the suit into a fun feel. Which Keeping Up With the Kardashians star wears this swimsuit best?

Rihanna and Bella Hadid Wear The Same Shocking Outfit

Bring out the checkered flag. Is a race about to begin? Maybe a race to the finish line trying to decide who wore this look best. Or, maybe she could spread out the cape and play a game of chess. Who would take the check mate, hands-down winner of rocking this look the best? Bella Hadid first donned the yellow and gray checkerboard fabric cape, briefs, and boots on a fashion show runway. Later the same year, Rihanna was seen wearing the same outfit. The one noticeable difference may be that Rihanna appears to have added some kind of a top underneath.

Amanda Peet and Meghan Markle Sparkle In Same Blue Dress

In this Game of Thrones, who looks the best? Well, maybe it isn’t a fair question since the two wore the dress in completely different ways. While she was still expecting her baby boy and still embracing the title, Duchess Meghan dressed up her baby bump in this Carolina Herrera periwinkle short-sleeved, flowing gown. Not showing off a baby belly and making the dress look much more form-fitting, Amanda Peet was seen donning the exact same look. On Meghan, one of the up swept floral sprigs in the fabric design seems to perfectly round out the baby bump beneath it. Meanwhile, Peet’s waistline draws in to fit her slimmer mid section.

Travis Scott and Kanye West Show Off same Top

It may be the basis of a new rap song, but which rapper pulls of the look better? Does this long-sleeved white top with bold squared-off color blocks look better with or without the white t-shirt underneath? Who wore this Celine blouse best? On Kanye West, the one-button in front appears to rest a bit lower than the way Travis wore it. Travis also accents with an over-sized silver chain that’s hard to tell if it’s part of the actual shirt or jewelry. Kanye, on the other hand, adds some flair with a longer multi-chain draped necklace that falls about midway down his undershirt-less chest.

Kylie Jenner and Candice Swanepoel Sparkle in the Same Jumpsuit

No, they didn’t forget to put something over their under garments. The look is completely intentional. One of these beauties wore this outfit on a fashion runway. The other chose to wear it as a Victoria’s Secret Angel Halloween costume. The catsuit is utterly sheer if it were not for the dazzled bejewels. One wore a white bikini-like bra while the other is more of a tan with bottoms to match. One wore heels and a pristine manicured foot that’s clearly visible. The other covers her feet entirely with white. Which one pulls off the look with the most style?

Priyanka Chopra and Olivia Wilde Seen In the Same Style

It’s the exact same dress in two different colors. The dress is from Kate Spade. Which one is more strikingly appealing? Olivia Wilde chose the hot pink floral, while Priyanka Chopra had shown off the dress in blue as part of a New York Fashion Week. The other notable difference is definitely the footwear. These two prove that the fashionable dress style can change its appearance in more ways than changing the color. While Wilde dons white boots to make the dress look more casual, Chopra opted for the elegant, sleek silver heels. Which look is your favorite of the two?

Kylie Jenner & Kim Kardashian Pretty In Same Pink Dress

These two reality show sisters don’t have to worry about competition. They both look equally stunning wrapped in pink latex. The only real difference between the two very similar dresses appears to be the neckline and the length. Kim Kardashian’s version was an Atsuko Kudo mock-neck style. Kylie Jenner’s was a scoop neck. Of course, Kylie put some additional pizzazz in the look with the long blond sleek hair that falls down to her thighs and fun colorful glasses pushed down to her nose. Meanwhile, Kim adds a bit of a mature look with a furry stole and sleeked-back dark hair.

Meghan Markle & Jennifer Garner Wearing Same Dress

Does the real-life princess fairy tale who was getting ready to wed Prince Harry wear this in style, or does Jennifer Garner wear it best? If you’re going to choose a dress to wear to be honored on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, you might want to choose the same one Meghan Markle wore the night before marrying a prince. The dress is a pricey Roland Mouret Barwick in navy blue and features an off-the-shoulder design. The draped skirt falls just below the knees. While, the two chose different colors of shoes and jewelry or lack of jewelry options, the dress looks pretty much the same. Which one do you think wears it better?

Dua Lipa and Gigi Hadid Compete in Colors

The fabric needs no help getting noticed, but which one of these two ladies makes this colorful Versace bodysuit pop the best? You will probably note that the one main difference is that Gigi Hadid wears the top as more of a wrap that made the high neckline dip slightly. The bodysuit also seems to almost completely cover her red, pointed heels. Whereas, Dua Lipa flaunts shoes that are just as colorful as the outfit while rocking the high-neck. Which one do you prefer? Who shows off this flashy outfit the best? Maybe it’s just plain hard to look bad in a Versace.

Mary J. Blige and Olivia Munn Fight For Familiar Fendi Look

Who looks best in this black and white Fendi jumpsuit? The outfit has alternating right-side-up and up-side-down black letter F’s, for Fendi, that take on a square-like look with a herringbone type design. Mary J. Blige adds her own twist with a wide belt and shoes that have a matching ankle strap. Her pants also seem to crop in more at the ankle. Olivia Munn, on the other hand, opted for a contrast of red heels against a pant hemline that flares out a bit more than her counterpart. She also opted for a thinner belt. She also rolled up her sleeves and added a black lacy undergarment look to the top.

Demi Lovato and Whoopi Goldberg In Same Dress 10 Years Apart

If you’re going to aspire to dress like someone, Demi Lovato and Whoopi Goldberg are two to watch. Lovato wore hers to the Billboard Music Awards, while Whoopi wore it almost a decade earlier when she stepped out in her gown at the Academy Awards one year. These two are on the prowl in very similar Dior long-sleeve cheetah print dresses. The main difference in how they wore this gown is that Lovato drew in the waistline by donning a belt that matched the fabric print, showing off a thigh-high side slit in the skirt. You decide which one wears the fastest land animal’s print the best.

Kim Kardashian and Helena Christiansen In Similar Attire

These two don’t seem to be attempting to break out of their bondage with this Versace dress worn by both. It’s up to you to decide for yourself which one you think pulls off the look better. Is it the reality TV star Kim Kardashian or model Helena Christensen? The buckles on one appears to be either gold or yellow, but that could just be the lighting. Does the splash of bright color change your opinion as to who rocks this outfit best? Does the runway and fashion magazine cover Victoria’s Secret model add any level of experience to the look?

Helen Mirren and Nina Dobrev Seen In Same White Likeness

This white ruffled Prabal Gurung expresses itself as a timeless dress, and it turns heads whether it’s worn with a simple black bow-accented belt or a black and white rope wrapped around the waistline. It also doesn’t seem to change based on whether you choose to wear gray Mary Janes shoes or sparkly and white pointed pumps. One looks endlessly classy, and the other adds a sense of ageless youth. There is something pure, sweet, and innocent of seeing a lady dressed in white even if it’s not her wedding day. These two look stunning in white. Which one do you think wears it better?

Jamie Lee Curtis and Timothée Chalamet In Same Red Suit

It’s no surprise that a woman known as the scream queen would choose the color blood red. Meanwhile, Chalamet, almost 4 decades younger than she is, pulls off the look as well. Which one does it best? If you’re going to go bold and step out in red, you might as well choose to wear a monochromatic all-red suit. The main apparent difference is that Curtis wore red pumps, while Chalamet opted for a more casual look of white athletic shoes. Jamie Lee Curtis had worn her all-red suit to the Halloween Horror Nights, an event held at the Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles. Chalamet wore his to a premiere of Beautiful Boy.

Ashanti and Kylie Jenner In Same Daring Look

What is it about this dress that makes you do a double take? Is it the lines, or the stylish curves? It would be almost completely see-through if it weren’t for the elaborate, intricate elegant shiny accents that make up this Balmain dress. These two stunning beauties show off the sparkly glamour and glitz. Kylie Jenner may have worn it first, but what do you think? Does Ashanti wear it even better? Both even wore the dress similarly, with dark hair cascading down the back. The only recognizable difference between the two is that Ashanti accented the fancy style with large hoop earrings.

Kate Bosworth and Anna Kendrick Strut In Same Dress

These two stepped out in style more than a decade apart wearing the same with wide-open back and what appears to be a pink and black cheetah print sequin dress. The dress has a high neckline and extremely short mini skirt. Kate Bosworth is an American actress and model hitting the big screen with Remember the Titans and Blue Crush. Anna Kendrick is also an American actress best known for her part in the Broadway musical High Society, for which she won a Tony Award nomination. Anna Kendrick snazzed it up with thigh-high heeled boots, while the other opted for the classic stilettos. Both wear it well, but one of them probably stands out as your preferred look. Which one is it?

Kumail Nanjiani and Nick Jonas In Look-Alike Suits

The two may have been worlds away when they both appeared in this same suit, but they both nailed the look of this eye-catching suit. There were a few notable differences. Nanjiani got a little casual by unbuttoning the top button on the shirt and jacket, and he paired some brown dress shoes with the look. Jonas, on the other hand, was all buttoned up and wearing black shoes. On the same night, both Kumail Nanjiani and Nick Jonas wore the exact same style of suit even though they were across the world from each other. Kumail was celebrating the SFFILM’s 60th Anniversary Awards Night in California. Nick Jonas was premiering Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle in France.

Jennifer Lopez and Devon Windsor In Competing Black

With an outfit like this, these two probably thought they were safely wearing an original that no one else would be seen in. They were wrong. Which one got more heads turning in their direction with jaws dropped in awe? Who do you think wore it best? The long black dress with plenty of peek-a-boo openings make it look as though it was crocheted. The plunging neckline and high front slit skirt aren’t the only lines that reveal more of the woman wearing it than the dress itself. It doesn’t stop there, the sides are cut out in triangle shapes above the waist and top of the hips.

Gigi Hadid and Serena Williams Looking Royal In Same Dress

Who looked better in this gold-accented little black dress? During Milan Fashion Week, Gigi Hadid rocked the runway in this black and gold mini dress paired with thigh-high black boots. When the time came for Serena Williams to make her appearance at the Glamour Women of the Year awards, she knew exactly which dress she wanted. It was the exact same one Hadid had worn. Williams, however, ditched the boots in exchange for pointed-toe black heels. She also filled out the dress with a bit more curves and accented it with a gold bracelet and high bun wrapped in a golden colored hair accent.

Drew Barrymore and Kate Middleton In The Same Colorful Dress

If you’re not wanting to get noticed, this is not the dress to wear. If you’re going to match another woman wearing this dress, why not go all out and be a twin with Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. While, Kate Middleton is known for her traditional and refined clothing, this night appears to have been an exception. Which lady looks better in the dress? The two chose the same dress to wear to very different events. One of them was attending a dinner with the Bhutanese King and Queen. Of course, she added an orange shawl and dangling earrings.

Selena Gomez and Irina Shayk Look like Twins

One of these two identical red dress wearing ladies makes it look a little more low cut, while the other looks as though the mini-skirt has more of a flare. Otherwise, the two are pulling off the same look, right down to the black clutch. Both chose heels, one with closed toes and the other with open-toed heels. What other color of dress would you choose to attend the L’Oreal Red Obsession Party in France? Red, of course is the only option. Two years earlier, Selena Gomez had worn the exact same dress. Which one do you think wears it best?

Lady Gaga and Harry Styles Looking Brilliantly Similar

Are these two sharing each other’s closets? All Harry is missing is the big, flamboyant yellow hat that Lady Gaga wore when she displayed this same marigold suit from Marc Jacobs on the cover of Elle. Harry also swapped out and added a lapel pin instead of Lady Gaga’s choice in earrings. The suit is complete with a vest, jacket, a purple and white polka dot shirt. Besides the bright yellow color, the accessory that captures attention the most is that purple chiffon scarf tied in a huge bow around the neck. All in all, who wore this eye-catching number best?

Cara Delevingne And Bella Hadid In Similar Sleek

To make this dress look its best, the one wearing it needs to be slender with legs to show off. When Bella Hadid showed off the sparkle on this Alexandre Vauthier dress, she showed a bit more leg than when Cara Delevingne stopped for a photo opportunity at a premiere in Paris. Both chose black heels to match the black waist tie that seems to literally pull everything together on this outfit. The dress appears to be somewhat sheer even though the silver sparkles give the appearance that it is a solid fabric. Other elements of the gown, such as it’s long sleeves and floor-length hem also fool you into thinking it covers a lot more skin than it actually does.

Gigi And Yolanda Hadid In Same Mother-Daughter Look

Did mom just pop a visit to her daughter’s wardrobe? If that’s the case, at least the two had the fashion sense enough to add their our stylish flair to the look. Yolanda was seen wearing the exact same ivory colored Naked Cashmere co-ordinates set that her daughter, Gigi wore during Fashion Week the month before. Gigi wore the outfit with the sweater around her shoulders and a crop top underneath. Mom, on the other hand, wore the sweater with sleeves slightly pushed up. The joggers pants look to be the exact same. Who wears this two-piece casual outfit best? Does it look better in Gigi’s style or Yolanda’s?

Rihanna and Kendall Jenner Wrapped In Same Red Heart Fur

Wrapped in love, these two want to look like a Valentine while keeping from getting a chill. If anybody can pull off this look, it would be either Rihanna or Kendall. It’s unclear who actually wore this first, but Rihanna was seen on the streets of New York just a short time before Kendall posted her picture of Instagram showing off the exact same heart-shaped red fur. Both of them chose to wear their own version of denim bottoms. One has ripped jeans, while the other has short-shorts jean cutoffs. Does one of them wear it better than the other? Maybe the hat or the glasses are intended to mask their true identity.

Chloe Grace Moretz And Rita Ora In Same Velvet Mini

The real question is probably more wondering if this Alessandra Rich velvet mini looks best worn at a dress or a top? Chloe Grace Moretz and Rita Ora wore the exact same lavender black lace-trimmed mini dress with high collar and long sleeves. Both wore their personal version of high heels. The main difference is how it is being worn. One donned black leggings in complete modesty, while the other stepped out showing off her long legs. To be fair, the hemline of the mini seems to hit Chloe slightly higher than it does Rita. Which look do you prefer?

Kendall Jenner And Jennifer Lopez Outlined in the Same Jumpsuit

Even though J. Lo celebrated nearing 50 by donning this Balmain jumpsuit, Kendall makes the outfit look long and sleek. Kendall showed off the jumpsuit as part of a runway fashion show. She accessorized it with a metallic neckpiece and a wide beige belt. When Jennifer Lopez wore the same outfit, she left off the belt and neck accessories and opted for a more subtle look. The other difference is in skin tones that make one appear to be a natural blending of the darker chocolate brown color along the sheer lines and the other more contrasting with dark brown against a cream almost white tone. Which one wears it best?

Ciara And Kourtney Kardashian Anchored In the Same Suit

Anchors away! These two head for the beach and the sand wearing a gold anchor design cutaway one-piece. The suit is a Laperla white gold anchor cutout embroidered neoprene swimsuit that turns to reveal a solid white back. Both of these girls wear it well. They have the fit abs and a bikini-ready body, so making a splash in a suit that is technically a one-piece is going to look great on both. It may be difficult deciding who wears this one best. They even wore very similar sunglasses for the photoshoots. The choice may come down to whether you prefer a Sports Illustrated pose or a more casual look.

Rihanna And Julia Roberts Both Wrapped In Same Dress

Which one rocks the green look better? At first look, the Gucci dress may appear to be overwhelmingly green with a red and navy blue striped midsection and a full-length zipper that is topped with a circular zipper pull. Look again! The green floral design gives way to a sheer, completely see-through look making it possibly more fitting as a swimsuit cover-up than a dress. Good thing these two realized that and donned the proper undergarments. The main difference between the two is that Rihanna upped her game with the lace-up heel boots that come almost up to her knee.

Kim Kardashian And Kris Jenner Wearing Same Mother-Daughter Clothes

Did Kim get even more than just her good looks from her mom? Looks like mom helped herself to her daughter’s closet. The mother-daughter duo have been spotted wearing the exact same outfit just months apart from each other. This classy three-piece suit dresses up any event. When Kim wore it, she draped the floor-length jacket over her shoulders in a bit of a casual style. Mom, on the other hand, wore it in proper fashion and added a black collar necklace and rounded sunglasses to the look. Maybe she didn’t want us to notice that she had reached into her daughter’s closet when deciding what to wear.

Halle Berry And Rita Ora In Same Sheer Black Top

If you’re going to wear a sheer black roll-neck top, make sure you pair it with the most eye-catching pants or skirt. These two stepped out wearing the same top. It’s the pants that change the look. You decide which one you like best. Halle chose some tailored trousers with a thin belt. She also has pointed-toe black heels. In all, she looks a bit like a superhero ready to spring into action. Rita went for the wide-leg palazzo pants that turned the top into something a bit more casual and cozy. She also went for the shaded eye look with a pair of round-lens sunglasses that ties the look together well.

Kris Jenner And Kylie Jenner In Mother-Daughter Pink Swimsuit

Is it a retro throwback to the 1980s? Kris proved that she wore this bright pink Body Glove one-piece swimsuit first in this retro image of her posing on a balcony with sun hat and sunglasses. But, what’s up with that teacup? Kylie may have slipped into her mom’s suit, minus all of the accessories including the seemingly out-of-place white cup. But, it still looks stylish today. Maybe it looks even better refreshed for the younger generation. She was caught beachside with braids wearing the same pink suit ready for a swim. Who rocks this swimwear better, mom Kris Jenner or daughter Kylie Jenner?

Rihanna And Kanye West In Same Comfy Sweatshirt

Who gets cozy and casual the best? If you’re going to get casual in your most comfortable Vetements logo-print hooded sweatshirt, you might as well do it in style. Rihanna and Kanye have both been spotted wearing this popular branded shirt with front pocket, long sleeves, and hood. The bulky shirt provides a high level of comfort, but somehow they each found a way to make the style their own. She is wearing the sweatshirt overtop a very short lacy skirt with lace-up heels. He is stepping out in camouflage pants with black belt hanging low and black walking shoes on his feet.

Kris Jenner And Kim Kardashian In Same Outfit

Who needs a basic black dress when you can add some flair to the all-black attire? Who wears this look best? Maybe a better question would be who wore it first, or who snatched it from their daughter’s wardrobe? Kim wore this outfit during Fashion Week in Paris, France. To cut mom some slack, she did opt to put on sunglasses and to wear a black tuxedo-like jacket over top the black lace-up top jumpsuit with thigh-high black open-toe boots. Mom Kris Jenner even added a small black clutch. Besides these changes, Kim contrasts the dark outfit with platinum white blond hair cascading down just past her shoulders. Mom, on the other hand, has a cropped short black hair to match the entire look.

Kris Jenner And Cara Delevingne In Look-Alike Jumpsuits

Wait! It’s one thing to raid your own daughter’s closet, but it’s time to stop when you start dipping into your daughter’s best friend’s wardrobe too. Kris Jenner may have gone too far on this one. It’s hard not to get noticed when you step out in this Stella McCartney jumpsuit. Both even pair it with their version of a yellow handbag or clutch. Kris does appear to have buttoned it up a bit, though. She also looks a bit more weighed down with both a large purse and a black backpack bag. She must be doing quite a bit of shopping.

Kim Kardashian And Cher In Same Looking Feathers

If we could turn back time, it’s no wonder Kim would want to look like Cher in this Roberto Cavalli glittery and feathery gown. Though, it may not be exactly the same outfit, Cher wore a very similar looking one back in 1974 when she appeared at the Met Gala. Kim Kardashian appears to have longed for the same look at the same location years later. Cher’s version seems to have been a bit sheerer and included feathers not only on the bottom hemline but also on the sleeves. Kim’s rendition has lacy designs that are carefully and delicately placed to be slightly more discreet though still very revealing.

Vanessa White And Sarah Harding Dressed The Same

This got embarrassingly awkward rather quickly. These two not only wore the same or similar looking outfits on different occasions, but they showed up at their first F&F catwalk show wearing the exact same attire. Sarah Harding did add her own bit of flair by holding a dark clutch and gold sandals along with a simple necklace and watch. Her blond hair also adds brightness and very little contrast to the all-white outfit. Vanessa’s jumpsuit appears to drape quite a bit more, even covering her footwear. Although, her dark hair and arm tattoo stand out to offer some degree of contrast.

Rita Ora And Irina Shayk Barely Covered In the Same Jumpsuit

When these two showed up at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party, there is a good chance they awkwardly sidestepped each other. They were wearing near-identical dresses. Sure, one of them is dotted with sparkly sequin, but the overall design is the same. The all-black gowns cover only part of the back with a half-draped skirt that is really more of a ruffle. The front is similar in that there is a solid black fabric that covers the top and nothing more. It appears to be quite obvious that the two have both been working on far more than just their glutes workouts.

Katy Perry Wears Solange Knowles’ Wedding Dress

Guess it’s obvious that Katy Perry has been admiring Solange Knowles to the point of having Knowles’ wedding dress duplicated. She wore it to the Grammys to perform her song, By The Grace of God. The gown is all white and very basic dress with long-trained cape. There were two notable differences, however. Katy’s neckline was higher, and Solange accessorized on her big day with thick gold bracelets. Plus, it was her wedding day when she wore it. If you’re not going to glow on your wedding day, something is wrong. Take a good hard look and decide honestly who wore this best.

Alesha Dixon And Beyoncé Knowles In Same White Jumpsuits

Maybe it’s not that difficult to look great in a Gucci halterneck jumpsuit, but these two are putting it to the test. It certainly is a bold statement to step out in solid white with absolutely no accenting colors or patterns. And, it’s not even either one of their wedding day. Which one makes the outfit stand out in style? Both chose their own open-toed high heel. Both seem quite comfortable with the wide-open, deep plunging neckline. One perhaps gives the outfit a bit more curves. What do you think? Does Alesha Dixon wear this the best? Or, do you prefer the look on Beyoncé?

Izabel Goulart And Leighton Meester In Identical Stunning Beaded Dress

Which lovely lady looks better in this elegant and stunning beadwork gown with a high-slit skirt and extremely low plunging neckline? Really, the only noticeable difference is that one has a nice, subtle draping necklace, and the other is holding a clutch. Both chose to wear their own high-heel beige sandal, and both wore their similarly color and length of hair down. The dress is simply beautiful in and of itself, but which one knows how to step out in style while wearing this dress? One is a Victoria’s Secret angel model. The other is best known for her role on Gossip Girl.

Poppy Delevingne And Gigi Hadid In the Same Jacket

The jacket is the same, but the rest is slightly altered. Poppy wore the black and white jacket over top a see-through black bodysuit, solid black pointed-toe shoes, and a clear over-the-shoulder purse. This ultimate British girl, sassy blonde model, and Chanel ambassador, Poppy is sometimes referred to more as Cara’s older sister. Gigi, on the other hand, turned it into a casual dressy look with wide-leg, wet-look black trousers that are rolled up at the hemline to reveal her open-toed heels. She clutches a black and white handbag and presents the outfit with a closed jacket front. Which one wears it best?

Olivia Wilde And Poppy Delevingne All Matchy Matchy

Don’t let the princess title sway your answer, but who wears this the best? It’s hard to compete with a real-life and on-screen princess, but Poppy Delevingne appears to be doing just that as the two have been seen wearing the same dress. This green and black wide horizontal striped maxi dress is a Stella McCartney original. It is part of the Stella’s Resort collection. Olivia, married to Prince Tao Ruspoli, gave the dress an even more boost of color by wearing orange pumps that completely contrasts the green. Poppy, on the other hand, added a flair of her own with an orange-winged over-the-shoulder handbag.

Cara Delevingne And Amber Le Bon Wearing Same Dress

It’s very difficult not to look absolutely gorgeous and stunning in this Roberto Cavalli gown. It almost looks like a style that would be worn by a mother of a bride at a wedding, only in a different color of course so as not to compete with the bride. Both actresses wear it well. Deciding which one wears it better may prove to be a challenging task. The only apparent differences are the handbag clutch, the different choice of bracelets, and the back to front necklace on Cara versus the dangling sparkling earrings on Amber. Both lovely ladies even top off the look with an elegant top knot in their hair. This one is a difficult call. What do you think?

Kate Moss And David Bowie in the Same Jumper

One is truly a musical performing legend and the other honored to be part of his award. But, which one wore it better? Originally worn on stage by rocker David Bowie’s alter-ego Ziggy Stardust in 1972, Kate Moss brings it back to life. There was a reason she chose to wear it. She was being honored to be accepting his Brit Award. The outfit is an extremely short jumper one-piece featuring bright red, black and white design. It buttons down the front and has short sleeves accented with black trim. While Bowie wore it with bare legs, Kate chose to cover up a bit more with black legging tights.

Kim Kardashian And Jennifer Hudson Seen In the Same Outfit

One is a singer who gets a lot of attention, and the other is a reality TV star whose name is constantly in the headlines. But, they both stepped out wearing the exact same dress. Question is, who wore it best? The dress was a Donna Karen from one of the designer’s Autumn/Winter collections. Kim Kardashian wore it with camel-colored heels and a basic gold necklace letting the neckline drape down to reveal plenty of cleavage. Jennifer Hudson, on the other hand, opted for black sandal heels and tightened up the neckline to cover her up revealing very little skin.

Victoria Beckham And Cara Delevingne In Same Slip

This Louis Vuitton slip was intended to be worn underneath a dress. These two, however, donned it as the actual gown. Victoria Beckham was seen wearing it at Wimbledon. She paired it with a black zippered clutch and sunglasses as heads turned watching more than the tennis match when she walked passed. Of course, the sunglasses were signature Beckham shades. Cara wore the slip during a modeling photoshoot for Vogue. Cara demonstrated how the slip would stay put even when literally bending over backward. Both of these ladies have the ideal body shape and type that this slip seems to have been designed to flatter. But, did one of them wear it better than the other?

Miranda Kerr And Paris Hilton Stepping Out In Same Dress

You couldn’t have found two better ladies to be seen in the same dress. The dress is a Topshop floral mini dress with a twirly skirt and midsection cutouts just above the waistline to match the cutouts by the shoulder. While Miranda adds black studded cowboy boots, Paris opts for some fluoro heels. Paris also chose to wear her hair down yet pulled back, while Miranda has her hair completely pulled back into a pony. Both have large sunglasses and black handbags they are carrying. Of the two, which one do you think pulls off the look of the outfit the best?

Rosie Huntington-Whitely And Heidi Klum Looking Like Twins

German model, fashion designer and actress Heidi Klum was seen in the exact same dress as English Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. It’s hard to find someone with a waistline as petite as Rosie Huntington-Whitley’s, and this bodycon dress really snugs it well. She added her own flair with white stilettos. Heidi opted for the black open-toed heels. Both show off blond soft cascading waves that come down just below the shoulders which is a nice look for a strapless dress like this one. The only other noticeable difference is the belts. Which one pulls off this floral straight-line look the best?

Lena Dunham And Miley Cyrus In Same Monochrome Jumpsuit

It’s hard to compete with the many looks and styles of Miley Cyrus, but Lena Dunham attempts to do just that. Lena Dunham is an American actress, writer, director, and producer best known for the HBO series Girls. Both stepped out wearing this sleeveless monochrome black with white trimmed top stripe jumpsuit. The only difference in style is that one wore black pumps, while the other chose open-toed metallic and black sandals. The other notable feature is Miley’s white platinum hair against Lena’s dark cropped look and the tattoo on Lena’s arm. Which one do you think stole the show and rocked this outfit the best?

Rihanna And Chris Brown In His Jacket

When it comes down to it, it’s all about love and not hate! These two have expressed that loud and clear. There is just something sweet about a girl wearing her boyfriend’s jacket, even if it’s not a high school letter jacket. The feel and the look are the same. This is the case with Rihanna and Chris Brown being seen wearing the same jacket. It actually is the very same jacket. The jacket is a red and black heart bomber jacket made of leather with an erect collar and front button closures. It also has two external pockets and two internal hidden ones as well as full sleeves with bomber cuffs.

Lady Gaga And Liz Hurley Open Up In Same Dress

This dress never seems to go out of fashion. If you’re going to stop the show and steal the limelight, you might as well do it in style even if the style is worn years apart. This long, black high side slit Versace dress was first seen on Liz Hurley when she stole the spotlight on the red carpet. Since then, Lady Gaga has chosen to bring the dress back, only she accessories with big, chunky heeled lace-up black boots. Besides the wide-open skirt slit, the dress is really barely there. It shows a lot of skin in other spots as well, like the wide-open mid-section lace-up gap, the two shoulder straps with cutouts, and the deeply plunging neckline.

Hayden Panettiere And Nicki Minaj Adorned in Same Mini

If there is some fan admiration going on here? Or, is it just a coincidence that these two were seen in the same dress? If you feel as if you’re peering through two stained glass windows, you have just embraced the intent behind this Alexander McQueen design. It is a stained glass print mini dress. Both the Nashville drama series star and the rapper Nicki Minaj seem to have stepped right into this form-fitting dress well. Both pair the style and look with platinum white blond straight shoulder-length hair and dark roots. Maybe Hayden Panettiere is showing how much of a fan she is of Nicki, since Nicki did were the dress first. But, who wore it best?

Chloe Moretz, Jennifer Hudson And Tanya Burr Matching Three In A Row

If you thought seeing double and choosing between two as to who wore what best, try choosing between three famous people wearing the exact same outfit. This Christopher Kane shoulderless dress with black and bright-colored red, white, yellow, and blue stripes was worn by all three. The only differences are extremely subtle and usually seen in the style of black heel chosen. One did add a small colorful hand clutch. Chloe Moretz wore it to the Teen Choice Awards. Tanya Burr wore it to a premiere, and Jennifer Hudson was seen wearing it at a gala before the Grammy Awards ceremony. The big question is, who wore it best?