50 Celebrities Toss The Look That Made Them Famous

Celebrities make it big and become recognizable often because of one iconic look that makes them stand out in a crowd. For some, it may be a mole properly placed or the work of a great makeup artist. For others, it may be their hair. Occasionally, some of these famous stars change it up a bit. When they do shift their signature look, it makes for a breathtaking photo opportunity. Let’s take a look at 50 celebrities who stripped away their signature look that made them famous. Do you still recognize them? Maybe they look even better venturing away from their expected look. Which style do you prefer?

Taylor Swift Without The Cat Eyes And Red Lips

Whatever happened to sweet little Tay Tay? Shake it off, Taylor. It looks like this girl took a little bit of her own advice to heart when she shook off the classic beauty red lip look and 40’s hairstyle for a more drastic shift. This actress singer ditched the red lips and cat eyes for a smokey eye and light pink lip look. Seen here at the 64th Annual BMI Pop Awards, she looks like an entirely different person. The difference is strikingly noticeable. The pale lips give an almost doll-like appearance compared to the traditional red shade she was known for previously.

Ariana Grande Without High Ponytail Signature Look

What happens when a youthful beauty lets her hair down? She looks like she went from a girl to a woman overnight. Ariana Grande was caught without her signature high ponytail look at the 2014 MTV EMAs. Instead, her hair was worn long, down and completely straight. The signature high, slicked back ponytail that made her recognizable also makes her look young and energized. With her hair down, she touts a more sophisticated and mature look. Either way, she still has those long, lush lashes and adorable smile while keeping the same basic hair color. Perhaps she’s boasting a tad more highlights.

Lorde Without The Dark Lips And Curls

She became famous for her dark lipped and naturally curly goth look, but at the 2016 Met Gala she shifted it up a bit. She stepped out wearing loose waved hair that fell just below her shoulders. And, her lips were barely noticeable with a light pink color. What a drastic shift this was. Fans wondered where that lush full head of wavy curls went. Though, she also seemed to gain a little color in her face as she began shedding it from her hair color. Maybe one of these days she will even crack a smile to reveal her teeth as well.

Zooey Deschanel Without Her Long Brown Hair And Bangs

After becoming known as an actress for her role in the Christmas movie, Elf, fans had trouble picturing her in any other way. That sweet, somewhat cautious girl in the movie is not exactly who the real Zooey is, however. Zooey has a look of her own that she quickly changes up with ease or on a whim. The thing is that she looks just as wonderful one way as she does another. To prove it, she is seen side by side with short blonde hair and long brown hair with bangs. Zooey Deschanel showed up at the 2002 Abandon premiere wearing a short blonde bob.

Alexa Chung Without Her Cat Eyes And Red Lips

This girl shook up a cat eye and red lip look. Alexa Chung was captured in pictures at the 2016 CFDA Fashion Awards wearing a different shade of lipstick. Instead of her iconic red lips, she was sporting light pink lips and very heavy eyeliner that wrapped all the way around her eyes. Regardless of whether her lips are dark red or pale pink, or if her sparkling eyes are outlined precisely or barely at all, her eyes always seem to stand out and sparkle. It seems like her eyes are the feature that everyone is drawn to instantly regardless of hairstyle or lip color.

Cara Delevingne Without Her Dark Brows

When a fashion model goes from a very distinct dark brow to barely visible, it gets noticed. This is especially true if the bare naked brow look is accented by drastically excessive bronzed eye liner and shadow with an upward wisp almost as if she is wearing a mask. Who knows! Maybe she’s really a superhero! Cara Delevingne was captured at the Givenchy S/S 2015 show without the dark brows that typically make her stand out in a crowd. Instead, her brows were bleached. If it weren’t for her long blonde hair that remained very similar to how she typically wears it, and her identifiable nose, she would look like an entirely different person.

Blake Lively Without Her Blonde Beachy Waves

If you’re going to change your look, you might as well do it in a subtle fashion. OK, so this face is still recognizable simply because of the bright, big smile. However, Blake Lively was seen at the 2011 Time 100 Gala without her iconic blonde beachy waves. Instead, she donned auburn waves. Slight change, but strikingly different for her. Her fans are accustomed to seeing her in that blonde look that screams beach baby, catching some rays. The auburn color seems to highlight her skin tone nicely, however. Either way, that big-toothed smile and similar lip color that she’s often seen wearing leaves the best features in tact.

Amber Rose Without The Platinum Buzz Cut

It takes a stunningly beautiful face to pull off an almost bald look. But, Amber without a buzz cut? It’s unthinkable for most fans to imagine this icon with slightly longer hair. She stunned onlookers at the 2016 Memorial Weekend Event with a short, platinum, slicked-back bob. For starters, her head-turning look that everyone knows her for best seemed to draw the focal point into her face instead of what hairstyle she would primp on. But, as her hair is grown out slightly and slicked back, she also brightened up her lip color while toning down her lengthy lashes a bit.

Emma Stone With A Different Hair Color

It’s not uncommon for an actress to completely change the way they look for the sole purpose of landing a dream role. But, can you imagine Emma Stone with a hair color anything other than her iconic red hair look? When she stepped out at the 2016 Met Gala, she was wearing dark brown hair instead. Which one suits her best? Side by side, she almost looks like two completely different people. The red color seems to soften up her facial features a tad more than the darker hair. Along with the darker hair, however, she also heavily outlined her eyes.

Janelle Monáe Without The Bouffant

Imagine seeing Janelle without her bouffant look. Fans probably could not picture her any other way until she stepped out with a completely different look. This happened at the 2016 Gordon Parks Foundation Dinner when she showed up with short curls and a distinctly noticeable side part. She also ditched the round glasses and traditional red lips in exchange for uncovered eyes and a nice complementary shade of pink lips. While her bouffant was recognizable, this shorter and bouncier hair looks fabulous. She even appears to look younger if that’s even possible. This girl also accentuated those long lashes, so she doesn’t even need the sunglasses.

Gwen Stefani Without Red Lips

Imagine Gwen Stefani without her noticeable red lips that stand out and frame her beautiful face with color. That is what happened at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards when she showed up looking quite a bit more pale. She was wearing a shiny nude gloss on her lips. Side by side she looks like a completely different person. The perfectly and precisely outlined feature look that fans have come to love has been wiped clean. She now starts with a paler, less accentuated face. So, how does she pull off this look so dashingly amazing? Only Gwen Stefani could do this.

Rita Ora Without The Platinum Blonde Hair And Red Lips

If you’re going to change hair color from a white blonde look, there is no better way to do so than to chop the hair into a bob and color it pink. Rita Ora shifted from platinum blonde hair and deep, rich red lips to a more pink appearance. She was seen at the 2014 London Westfield Event touting cotton-candy pink hair and lips to match. And, let’s not even talk about those eye-catching thick lashes that made a statement in and of themselves. She truly looks as though a completely different person stepped in to take her place at the event.

Rooney Mara

Sometimes the most noticeable changes are those that are so subtle fans just keep turning their heads to figure out what is different about her. Typically, Rooney Mara slicks back her hair into a high pony ail. But, she transformed her pulled back almost bun-like look with a darker shade and slicked to straight in just the right place. Rooney Mara was seen at the 2016 Independent Spirit Awards without the deep red lips she is known for. Instead, she was wearing a mauve tint to her lips. It’s a subtle change, but it created a drastically different new look for her.

Solange Without Her Natural Afro

Short, kinky, curly hair takes skill to manage, but Solange let her hair twist and twirl wherever it wants. Her fans wouldn’t have it any other way. Imagine Solange without the natural afro. Fans didn’t have to imagine it when she showed up at the 2014 Met Gala with a straight pixie cut. Or, is it a wig? Only she and her hair dresser will know for sure. Either way, the pixie cut makes her look more put together and sophisticated. Of course, the dangling earrings differ just enough to match the outfit she was wearing on the days these pictures were taken.

Reese Witherspoon Without Her Long Blonde Hair

Who is that brunette with cascading side curls? It turns out that it’s the same girl everyone got to know as a blonde. When Reese Witherspoon showed up at the screening of Mud in 2013 without her iconic long blonde hair, she was almost unrecognizable. She switched up the light, blonde look with richer, chocolate brown hair. Looks like she also darkened up her makeup just enough to make her features pop. Of course, the closed lip smile adds a bit of mystery. Somehow the darker hair and precise curls make her look all grown up. That just may be the look she was going for in the first place.

Beyoncé Without Her Long Wavy Hair

Look at this girl with long, beautiful wavy hair. Oh wait, is that the same singer side by side? When Beyoncé showed up with a blunt bob instead of her long, wavy hair at a 2015 Vanity Fair Oscars Party, fans were not sure what to think. The long, lush hair adds a feminine look to this girl who looks glamorous regardless of what she does. Then again, the long look may have been hair extensions all along. Maybe the shorter hairstyle is what she has always looked like underneath before the extensions go on. But, that may just be a nasty rumor.

Jennifer Lawrence Without Blonde Hair

It’s as different as black and white, day or night. Jennifer Lawrence made her debut at the premiere of Silver Linings Playbook in 2012 wearing dark brown hair instead of her iconic long, blonde waves. She looked like a completely different person. This girl in long, wavy blonde hair and winged dark outlined eyes is the look fans came to love. Now that she was sporting a dark hair color, she also went with a side part and long, straightened hair that runs midway to her chest. In the pictures, she also added a toothy smile that completely cracks the case as to who the real Jennifer Lawrence really is.

Halle Berry Without The Pixie Cut

When you think of Halle Berry, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If your answer is honest, it will probably be the pixie cut. She was known for touting a pixie cut that is spiked up and teased. That was until she showed up looking completely different. At the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscars party, Halle Berry stunned fans and onlookers when she showed up with long highlighted hair instead of her pixie cut. Not only was it long and highlighted, but it was completely straight. Thankfully, the face is the same. Otherwise, she would have been entirely unrecognizable.

Lucy Hale Without Her Blunt Bob

The Lucy Hale that fans came to know looked sophisticated and sleek in her stylish clothing and painted-on iconic red lips and blush accenting her cheek bones. However, she apparently also has a softer side to her. Lucy Hale premiered her longer layered hair look at the 2007 premiere of Bee Movie. Previously, she was recognizable with the blunt bob that helped to make her famous. With her new longer look and full-teeth smile, she looks like she’s very content with life. She almost looks like the girl next door compared to her well-known look of extreme fashion that made her famous.

Avril Lavigne Without Dark Smudgy Eyeliner

Her eyes have been known to almost hypnotize onlookers. She became known for heavily outlining her eyes in black while maintaining an almost pasty white skin tone and pale lips along with straight hair. Apparently, she is able to pull off a completely different look as well. When a 2018 charity gala called for Avril Lavigne’s appearance, she accepted and shifted up her look a bit. Instead of her dark smudgy eyeliner that fans had come to know, she arrived wearing a lighter, more natural-looking make-up. One look reveals an edgy teen, while the other almost looks as though she could be her own mother.

Ruby Rose Without The Pixie Cut

Oh what a difference a hair cut can make. Almost expressing boy-like features, this famous person made a change like no other. Ruby Rose made a few mouths drop wide open when she showed up at the 26th Annual ARIA Awards in 2012 at the Sydney Entertainment Centre wearing long hair. It’s almost as if she went from a tom boy to a feminine woman. She grew out her hair and highlighted it a bit. Another aspect of the side-by-side pictures, though, is her mouth. In the pixie cut picture, she smiles with a closed lip impish grin. When seen with long hair, she also has the perfect lipstick to reveal a little teeth in her quizzical pout smile.

Kirsten Dunst Without The Long Wavy Hair

Is her hair drastically cut short, or does she merely have it pinned up? Turns out, it was cut very short. Kirsten Dunst showed up at the 2004 premiere of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind wearing a pixie cut instead of her long, wavy hair. Does the shorter hair make her look younger or older? And, does she almost look like a boy now? Going from a beautiful, let your hair down style to cropped is a drastic change for anybody. But, it seems to work for her quite well as does the lip shade she seems to be sticking with. What do you think?

Cameron Diaz Without The Dirty Blonde Hair

Cameron Diaz was seen at the William Rast Spring 2007 Collection event with a darker look than her fans have known. She was wearing long, dark brown hair. Is this really the same person, or are they looking at each other in a color-changing, aging mirror of some sort? The look on these two images is so completely different that you may find yourself doing quite a few double takes before you believe she is the same person in both. The blonde hair she once touted made her look much more youthful than the picture of her in straight, black long hair.

Amy Adams Without Her Signature Red Hair

Apparently, gingers don’t always unite. At least that’s what Amy Adams taught her fans when she was seen starring in the 2004 film, The Wedding Date, with blonde hair instead of her known red color. It’s pretty amazing how drastically different a person looks by swapping out just one style aspect. The hair must have been one major feature for this girl. Her red hair was bouncy, long, and with waved curls. Her blonde look, on the other hand, is sleeked back and in a bun as she also sports a nice shade of red lip stick and enough makeup to subtly make her eyes really pop with color.

Sara Jessica Parker Without Her Big, Bouncy Curls

It may take some getting used to when we’ve all grown accustomed to seeing this girl in long, sweet and innocent curls. However, she knows how to pull off a look whether it is glamorous and perfect or fun and kicked back. Sarah Jessica Parker may be known for her big bouncy curls, but she stepped out to prove to the audience of On Late Night with Seth Meyers in 2018 that she can also pull off pin straight hair just as well. The question should be whether or not you recognize her with her new hairdo and eye shadow colors.

Michelle Williams Without Her Signature Platinum Pixie Cut

When Michelle Williams stepped out at the 2005 premiere of Casanova wearing long, honey-colored hair and side bangs, fans almost didn’t recognize her. It was a drastic change from the iconic signature platinum pixie cut she was known to wear. The cropped white look makes her look adventurous and rugged. Whereas, the honey-colored hair makes her look a bit more down to earth. At least, she is showing off earth tones as well. Her makeup in both pictures is essentially exactly the same. So, any comparison is purely the difference of the two hair colors and styles that make her look like two separate people.

Kim Kardashian Without Her Dark Brown Hair

Kim Kardashian is known for one who is not afraid to switch up her look. While the media and tabloids are not afraid to show off her backside, Kim is pleased with the idea of changing up her hair a bit to bring the focus up. When she first stepped out at the 2017 LACMA Art + Film Gala sporting a gray silver hair color, fans took notice. Possibly this is a look that only a Kardashian could pull off this well. She is very recognizable in the long, dark hair with pale lips and outlined eyes. However, the change in hair color really gets her noticed with heads turning.

Lupita Nyong’o Without Her Signature Super Short Hair

Whatever this girl does, she gets noticed with a whole lot of gusto. Lupita Nyong’o became recognizable for her super cropped short hair and flawless deep, rich toned complexion. But, at the 25th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2019, she showed up wearing long braids. Fans were second guessing themselves as they wondered if this could actually be the same person. It was her, indeed. Maybe the braids were just hair extensions added onto the already cropped short hair. Either way, it must have been fun to have long braided hair even if it was just for one night of photo ops.

Lady Gaga Without The Over-The-Top Makeup

Lady Gaga is never afraid to shake up her look, but she is typically known for her over-the-top makeup. That’s why fans did a double take when she was seen at the 2019 Academy Awards wearing basic, understated classic makeup. At least she wasn’t extending from a fetal position as she climbed out of a giant egg being dropped into an arena like she once did. That’s right, she is not afraid to shift things up in any and every way. In this case, she went from a yellow highlighted long hair look to a swept up white hairdo. Surprisingly, she pulls them both off well.

Lindsay Lohan Without Red Hair

When the Berlin International Film Festival in 2006 rolled around, Lindsay Lohan was spotted with a different hair color and look. Instead of her recognizable red hair that the once sweet and innocent star gracing the movie screen rocked, she was stepping out as a brunette. Was she able to pull off the new look? Possibly only this young actress could. Her darker shade of hair was longer as well, yet she seemed to stick with similar makeup color so as not to completely throw off her fans. Which hair style and color make her look the most appealing? Or, does she handle both with ease?

Mandy Moore Without Her Signature Long Waves

Mandy Moore ditched the long waves at Paris Fashion Week in 2019 in exchange for a textured bob cut. The funny thing is that she still looks almost exactly the same in both. Maybe the switch-up is just not drastic enough to throw fans for a loop. Either way, she is stunning. Her pink-lipped smile and long, lashed dark eye accents are also part of her signature look. Regardless of which look you prefer, one thing is for certain. It’s not the hair alone that makes or breaks this one. She looks fabulous with long waves or short ones all the same.

Katy Perry Without her Long, Jet Black Hair

Katy Perry proved to fans that she can rock a blonde pixie cut just as well as she did the long, jet black hair. Seen here at the 2017 MTV Music Video Awards, she looks like a different person. It is completely amazing how hair color, length and style can change a person’s appearance so drastically. The shorter, cropped and lighter hair make her look more sophisticated and mature but not aged. Whereas, the dark hair that is down below her shoulders is feminine and sweepingly beautiful. Her face also looks very youthful in her signature jet black hair look.

Kate Bosworth Without The Blonde Hair

Kate Bosworth came onto the celebrity scene as a blonde. So, when she was seen in 2018 with muted red hair at the Build Series to discuss her film Nona, fans took notice. So, admittedly blonde and muted red are not entirely drastically different. However, in her case, it is enough to change her look just enough for fans to step up and take notice. With her notorious blonde hair look, her face comes off looking fresh and youthful. With the muted red, she looks as though she has grown into a woman. Muting the red was a wonderful choice as opposed to an all out brilliant red head.

Lisa Rinna Without Her Feathered Bob Iconic Look

Lisa Rinna has become recognizable with her distinctive short, feathered bob haircut. However, she was seen with a straightened out longer version of her hairdo. Whether she grew it out or got extensions, she was seen with long hair and bangs at the Bravo Clubhouse for Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in 2018. The change is astronomically different yet equally gorgeous. Good thing she stuck with the same highlighted brunette look, because that is what really flatters her facial features. In the longer hair look, she also shows off more plump lips which either adds to or takes away from the drastic change. You be the judge.

Victoria Beckham Can Smile

Cheer up, girl! Life really does have its happy perks. Victoria Beckham is known for being captured on camera sporting a posh, sophisticated pose absent a smile. Broadcasters always point it out, and some fans may have even thought she is not capable of smiling. Or, maybe she’s just a very serious person. However, she proved fans that she can smile, and she does have a nice set of teeth. At a London event for the Great Ormond Street Hospital’s 150th birthday in 2002, she looked like a new person smiling from ear to ear. It’s amazing what a difference a happy look does for a person’s face.

Kate Hudson Without Her Long Blonde Hair

Long and luxurious is how she was seen through the eyes of fans. Mostly, it was her long, wavy blonde hair that made her stand out in a crowd. Her makeup tends to remain understated and simply outlining all of her best features. But, if she changes her hair will it change the way her face looks? One day, fans were introduced to a new Kate Hudson. This one had drastically shorter hair. At the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2018, Kate Hudson was seen sporting a short, pixie cut instead of her long blonde hair. It also appeared to be a bit frosted.

Kesha Without Glitter And Smokey Eyes

How things can change in a flash! Ooh, how dainty and pretty this girl has presented herself with sparkles and delicate colors. She almost looked like a fairy with all of the sparkly eye accents her fans came to love. Set against a palate of perfectly framed makeup, her appearance was always known to be sweet. That all changed one day when she wiped the eyes clean and tinted her hair. Kesha was spotted at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards without her glitter and smokey eyes that fans have come to expect. Instead, she was almost make-up free wearing simple understated makeup and hair pulled up and back with a few loose curls.

Margot Robbie Without Beach Blonde Hair

It’s as striking as black and white! This girl shows off how the same face can look amazing framed with long light colored hair as it does accented with richer makeup shades and a darker, shorter hairdo. Margot Robbie became known for her beach blonde hair and light complexion with understated makeup. She changed all that when she was seen at the 86th Annual Academy Awards stepping out in a dark brunette hairstyle looking like a model from the 1940s. Margot’s beauty seems to transcend generations. Regardless of the time frame she is living in, she comes out shining like a star.

Amy Winehouse Without Her Retro Beehive

She took to the stage with a unique and definite look. It involved a long, dark hairdo done up in a retro beehive style with side bangs. Of course, she also had the iconic flower perched perfectly. Amy Winehouse was known for her retro beehive dark hair until she showed up at an awards show in London in 2004 sporting straight, natural hair. It was as if she was a completely different person. Somehow the flatter hair made her facial features get noticed. Maybe, the understated eye liner had a little something to do with it as well. Either way she is stunning.

Miley Cyrus Without Her Beach Waves

When you grow up in front of a camera, fans come to expect certain things from a person. In Miley’s case, she was known for her sweet innocence. But, like most young female stars who face their most awkward growing up years for all to see, she came to a point in her life when she wanted to shake up her look to a more grown up style. For starters, her hair was the kind that could be worn to the beach and wind blown to perfection. It must be nice to have natural, beach ready and waved long hair. However, Miley Cyrus showed up at the 2019 Met Gala sporting fringe bangs and a straighter long hair look.

Iggy Azalea Without Her Super Long Signature Straight Hair

Which look is more striking on this famous wonder? Does the extremely long, straight blonde hair make her facial features pop? Or, does she look better in a shortened version of hair with a slight wave as if she has just stepped off of the beach looking fabulous? In both styles, her makeup appears to be very similar. Iggy Azalea showed up at the 2018 MTV Music Awards in New York City without her super long straight blonde hair. Instead, she was wearing a tousled shoulder-length bob that looked like she may have just stepped off of the beach. At least she kept her iconic over sized earring look.

Carey Mulligan Without Her Short Blonde Bob

This girl went from short blonde to shoulder length brunette. Which one suits her best? Carey Mulligan was known for her short blonde bob haircut. That is, she was known for this look until she showed up at the New York premiere of Suffragette wearing a medium-length brown hair in soft waves. Suffragette was a movement of the women’s right to vote. This star tops it off as she also darkened up her lips with a more red shade. Whichever color of lips, makeup and hair you prefer, at least women now have the right to vote. You decide which one looks the best.

Christina Hendricks Without Her Bright Red Lips

Christina Hendricks stepped out at the 61st Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards without her bright red lips. Instead, she was wearing a natural light pink lip color. Maybe her hair was slightly more red as well. Though, it’s hard to tell if it’s the hairstyle that changed or the color. Side by side, she appears to be gracefully aging as she goes from a youthful wavy, long hairstyle to a swept-up one with falling loose curls hanging down in front. Her eyes also seem to stand out whether she is accenting them drastically or not. With the up swept do, she has also tamed down her lip color in exchange for a more subdued and sophisticated look.

Cardi B Without Her Super Straight Center Part Hair

This girl looks like a beautiful painting no matter what she does or how she wears her hair. Cardi b showed up at the 2018 MTV Music Awards without her iconic long, super straight center parted hair. Fans did a double take to see her sporting a short pixie cut. While it is a drastic change from extremely long straight black hair to completely cropped with finger bangs. The part tells its own story as well. With the long hair, she had a very distinguishable center part. Whereas, the pixie cut brushes everything to the side. Both styles keep the extremely long, thick lashes and heavily outlined eyes with a pop of color in each.

Ariel Winter Without Her Dark Black Hair

Are they sisters? Actually, it’s the same girl. The change in hair color brings out such different focal points on her face. How does she look as a ginger? Ariel Winter ditched her iconic dark black hair for a red hairstyle color when she was seen at an event in New York City. The dark hair and subtly outlined eyes make her face look a bit more rounded. Add a little ginger spice to the mix, and splash on a touch of blue eye shadow and black eyeliner while keeping the same lip color, and voila! She looks like a different person.

Kate Moss Without The Messy Grunge Look

No matter what her style, she never seems to completely shake that attitude she is known to have. However she was seen at a Rimmel London event without her messy grunge hair. Instead, she was prim and proper with polished curls and a popping shade of red lipstick. The grunge, unkempt look with heavily outlined eyes may have gotten her noticed to become famous, but the richer red lips and styled hair just may be the look that fans are welcoming to stick around. Or, maybe she was simply pictured coming in from the beach once upon a time, and the look stuck until now.

Gwyneth Paltrow Without Her Beach Wave Blonde Hair

What can we say? This amazingly beautiful woman is going to look great no matter what she does. Wear the hair down, pull it back, or shave it for that matter. Either way, she will come out looking recognizable and fabulous. Gwyneth Paltrow has been easily recognizable in her beach waved long blonde hair. At the CDFA Fashion Awards, however, she showed up with her hair pulled back in a high ponytail and sleeked back. Even if she smiles to show a little teeth or holds back a bit, this woman can simply never look bad even if she tried.

Chloë Sevigny Without Her Tangerine Lipstick Look

Out of all of the looks, this one has an undeniably recognizable face. It doesn’t matter if she accents her eyes, or switches up lip color. Fans would be able to pick her out in a crowd. Chloë Sevigny showed up at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018 wearing a nude lip and minimal makeup as opposed to her usual tangerine lipstick look. She also appeared to have brightened up her already light hair even more. Only, this time there was a little dark roots showing. What do you think? Does she look best in a dark top that covers her shoulders, or a white one that leaves them bare?

Miranda Kerr Without Her Long Side Swept Curls

Does it really matter what this girl does to change her appearance? Regardless of any drastic measures she plays around with, she is going to be recognizable and absolutely stunningly gorgeous. Miranda Kerr was seen at the 2017 Vanity Fair Oscars Party without her well-known side swept curls. Instead, she was wearing a slicked-back bun. Everyone can still tell who it is even though one style makes her look a bit more sophisticated than the other. The end result is a glowing face that onlookers all admire. Right down to those dimples, her look is one that is sought after.

Jennifer Aniston Without Her Layered Sleek Blowout Hair

She was known for being captured on screen with that layered straight blonde hair that looked like she could wash her hair, shake it dry, and come out looking perfectly well done. The character she played on Friends may have sported that 90s style that she is known for well, but the actress isn’t staying in the past. She was seen at the 2002 Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards wearing super curly beach waves instead of her sleek, layered, blowout hairstyle. Which look does she wear better? Should she play around with her hairstyles a bit more, or is one of them here to stay?