6 Reasons Why People Cheat

Being in a trusting, loyal, lasting relationship is a lovely thing. However, holding back a partner who is set on cheating is not the way you want to spend your life. There are, however, a few tell-tale signs or reasons why people cheat.

Loneliness in a relationship is a big deal. A lot of cheating happens for reasons other than physical intimacy. It quite often starts with something that has nothing to do with the physical aspect. Often, one partner is feeling neglected and longing for someone to listen to or care about them.

Other times, the person is angry and wants to get back at you for something you’ve done to them. While revenge is never a healthy choice, it is the reasoning behind many cheating partners. Vengeful cheating never usually results in getting the reactions that the angry partner had hoped. Cheating out of anger almost always backfires and destroys the relationship.

Additionally, low self-esteem can be a huge relationship killer. Low self-esteem isn’t good for anybody, and it usually means there will be a huge demand for attention to meet these needs. Often, those who cheat because they think very little of themselves and want to feel valued will do so time and time again since the boost in confidence they need cannot ultimately be met through cheating.

Some claim to be bored and want more excitement by experiencing more than one partner or that they are simply falling out of love. This may be what they claim, but the truth is probably not that boredom caused the cheating. Though, it may be that they want more sexual encounters than their partner is not willing to give. As far as falling out of love as a reason, this is most likely more a matter of becoming complacent with everyday life together. Or, there may be other relationship issues that have come to ahead.

Some claim that they went out on their partner because they were drunk. While heavily consuming alcoholic beverages will impair judgment, this is more of an excuse to justify the behavior than it is the true reason behind the cheating.

Then again, some just have an issue staying committed regardless of who they are with. It’s most likely not an issue with you. Some people simply have an issue with committing to anything or to one partner. They are afraid of feeling trapped in a relationship and tend to put a one-on-one relationship in jeopardy as a result of these fears. Chances are that if your partner cheated on you, they will most likely cheat on their next partner as well.

If you choose to move on with the person who cheated on you, or if you want to patch things up with someone you cheated on, it’s going to require a great deal of trust-building. This means a lot of listening and a willingness to work things out on both parts. It can be done, but it is a very difficult road ahead to do so. Sometimes, especially in the case of serial or repetitive cheaters, the work to repair the damage done isn’t going to be worth the effort.