40+ Beautiful Hollywood Women That Changed the World

The debate about the most beautiful women in the world is ongoing, and many women keep getting added to the list. However, there are some women we can collectively agree are incredibly beautiful. Some of these are celebrities, models, and much more.

So, if you are finally looking to settle the debate about the most beautiful women in the world, you have come to the right place. Here are some incredible women that are only beautiful but have also changed the world as a result of their talents and skills.

Keep reading to find out more about these women.

Jane Fonda

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What an artist Jane Fonda is! The industry has never such a powerhouse like her. In every Oscar season her entry is much awaited and she just steals the show. Due to her dedication she is still working in movies even in her 80s having the same charisma and passion like she used to.

Even being from a prolific family, Jane Fonda never used this to her benefit. Having an extremely different personality from her relatives, Jane excelled in the industry like no one did. TV, movies and even Broadway, list something that Jane Fonda can’t do.

Julie Ege

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Like many aspiring women, Julie Ege started her career as a young girl at the age of fifteen. However, when she was 18, Ege won second place in the Miss Norway competition. This gave her the confidence to also participate in the Miss Universe competition before she decided to move to the UK.

During the 60s, Ege began her acting career, and she started taking small roles to get a head start in this industry. Most people remember Ege for her role in Up Pompeii, which was the most memorable one. Ege knew she was beautiful and used it to pay her bills.

Halle Berry

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After winning Miss Teen All-American Pageant, Halle Berry started her career as a model and later rose to international fame. Starred in Living Dolls and then appeared in the Flintstones movie where she played the role of Miss Sharon Stone. This was one of her most sensational works in the starting years of her career.

Later she won the Golden Globe Academy Awards as a Best Actress in a TV movie. However, she just didn’t stop there and worked hard to win another academy award. And in 2002, she won the Best Actress award for her role in Monsters Ball.

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren is one of the most beautiful and adored stars in Italy. She began her career when she was fourteen years and is still making excellent movies that people love watching. You might know her from Grumpier Old Men, A Countess from Hong Kong, and The Pride and the Passion.

Loren is one of the most famous and bold actresses for telling the world that she does not shave her armpits. Of course, we think that even this does not take away from her beauty but adds to it. Not everyone dares to be so open about this habit.

Ann-Margaret Olsson

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Ann-Margaret Olsson is a Swedish-American performer with multiple talents, including singing and acting. Her Bye Bye Birdie acting role helped her become one of the most prominent actresses while already having a successful singing career. She has excelled in both these fields, and she is
one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Olsson peaked five years after entering the industry, and she has never looked back since. You will see her in many roles, as her acting skills are beyond fantastic. Don’t forget to watch one of her movies if you haven’t already, as you will thank us later.

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks is the name you must know in the modeling industry, as she is one of the top American models. Her modeling career began in 1990 with Elite Model Management. They are one of the top modeling agencies globally that launched Banks’ career on the right note.

Banks has appeared in Victoria’s Secret, GQ Magazine, Vogue Spain, and many other reputable magazines. Of course, one of the top things that Banks is known for is her hosting in America’s Top Model. She was also the executive producer for this show, and it led her career in another great direction.

Elizabeth Taylor

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Elizabeth Taylor has American parents, and she was born in England, but her time there was short-lived. That is because before WWII broke out, she moved with her family to California. Even as a young girl, Taylor was incredibly beautiful, and her mother urged her to star on TV.

The unique feature of Elizabeth Taylor was her two eyebrow rows that gave her eyes a shape you will not see anywhere else. Taylor soon became a child star, just as her mother wanted, and she became one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. She starred in many movies during her stardom days.

Sophie Marceau

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Started her career as a teenager but mainly in Italian and other European films. For a good while Sophie was a part of the European film industry. However, her debut in Hollywood was in the movie, Braveheart. One of her notable work was in the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough.

She is known as one of the most beautiful artists of the industry. However, she has always denied these claims and confused why people find her attractive. All she has to say about it is that she is photogenic and modest, that is all.

Barbara Eden

I Dream of Jeannie is one of the most popular sitcoms of the 60s, and that is what brought Barbara Eden to fame at the start of her career. However, many people don’t know that the producers of this show originally wanted a brunette for the role.

Of course, Eden wowed the producers, which is why they thought she was a perfect fit for the show. Eden was beautiful, funny, and performed the role incredibly well. Ever since then, Barbara Eden has been a TV star and one of the most charismatic women you will get to see on the screen.

Kim Basinger

During the 70s, Basinger began her career as a model, and she proved to be quite successful at it due to her charismatic looks. After that, she moved to Los Angeles and decided to branch out and experiment with her acting skills. During this time, she starred in many movies that were created
for the TV.

However, her acting career took a turn for the better when she starred in Hard Country. She was also a Bond Girl in Never Say Never Again, which turned Basinger into a poster girl. She is still acting and went on to star in many more films.

Brigitte Bardot

Starting as a dancer in the field of performing arts, Brigitte Bardot started acting later in the 50s. One of her controversial films of her was by Robert Vadim, And God Created Women was the one that rose her to international fame.
She was so beautiful that critics in the 60s used to call her “undeniably a creation of superlative craftsmanship.” Always breaking the mold, that is Brigitte Bardot for you. After a while, she quit acting and became an animal rights activist.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must know who Michelle Pfeiffer. She became one of the most iconic women during the late 80s, as she had incredible acting skills and beauty like no other. If you have watched Scarface, you must remember that she gave a memorable performance
even though she was in a supporting role.

After her Scarface days, she landed more serious roles that allowed her to showcase her acting talent. Any list of beautiful women that changed history is incomplete without mentioning Michelle Pfeiffer. She will always remain phenomenal in the industry.

Vanessa Williams

In 1984, Vanessa Williams was named Miss America, and this is what launched a lifelong career in the industry. However, there were some personal issues because of which she had to give up this title. Many people thought she would disappear during this time, but instead, she started pursuing an acting career.

The most popular role that Williams has played to date is the one in Ugly Betty. The role allowed her to receive a Golden Globe award and nominations for the SAG award and Emmy. Williams also made a breakthrough in the music industry and has received various Grammy nominations.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe does not need any introduction, as she completely changed the Hollywood industry with her career. She is still known to be one of the most beautiful women in the world, which is why our list had to have her name. Many women and young girls still look up to her as the the ultimate embodiment of beauty.

She lived her life helping raise beauty standards and always advocated that imperfection is beauty so young girls don’t chase ridiculous standards. Monroe was one of the most well-known women of her time, and people globally celebrate her till now.

Jessica Lange

Jessica Lange has been seen living in two worlds of acting. In the early 80s and 90s she received Academy Awards nomination for six movies. Fans and co-stars just loved having her on the set for her jolly personality and charisma.

However, later in her career Jessica slowed things down and focused more on the type of work she wants to accept. Recently you can see her working in five seasons of American Horror Story. For her the type of work and story is more important as it helps reflect her personality and taste to her fans.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron has humble beginnings, as she grew up on a small farm in South Africa. However, she finally made her way to the silver screen and soon became one of the top actresses in the industry.
Theron’s original plans did not involve acting, as she was interested in becoming a ballet dancer.

However, the ballet training took a toll on her body, and modelling scouts were always after her to star in shoots. She did some modelling and then began acting, after which she never looked back, and rightly so. Theron has won an Academy Award and is one of the top celebrated actresses.

Ava Gardner

Ava Gardner always knew she was beautiful, and she capitalized on her beauty in this industry. MGM was one of the first ones to sign her, after which she quickly rose to fame. However, it still took her at
least five years to make a breakthrough in the industry, which happened after her movie The Killers.

For fifty years, Ava Gardner was one of the most popular names in Hollywood you would hear about. However, in the 80s, her health took a toll on her as she was a chain smoker. Gardner went through two strokes, emphysema, and she passed away in 1990 because of pneumonia.

Elizabeth Hurley

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Hugh Grant was dating Elizabeth Hurley, and that is when she gained some popularity with the public. During the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral, Hurley wore a black Versace dress with golden safety pins that became iconic. After that, Versace also became a household name, and they were ones that launched Hurley in the public eye.

After this, Estee Lauder also chose Hurley as their spokeswoman, even though she had no modelling experience. She has also starred in many famous movies that made her rise to fame. All of us can agree that she is definitely an iconic, beautiful woman.

Isabella Rossellini

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Isabella is the daughter of one of most beautiful artist we have here in this list, Ingrid Bergman. Her work in start was mainly of modeling, and later joined the entertainment industry. Mainly was the spokes model of Lancôme for around 14 years.

However,she also played in many films and TV series. One of the most popular works of her was in the movie Blue Velvet by David Lynch. She used her position for activism as well mainly for conservation work. Now she focus on her activism work and is recently part of a TV show named Julia.

Ursula Andress

The Bond girls gained incredible fame, and Ursula Andress was one of them, which was also the reason she rose to fame. However, Andress had a German and Swiss accent, which led to the directors dubbing her voice in the movie. The role made her incredibly famous, and she went on to
progress her career even further.

A few years later, Andress also appeared in the Playboy magazine. During this time, many people asked her why she decided to go naked. Of course, Andress gave a confident answer to everyone as her reason for posing naked was that she is beautiful.

Veronica Lake

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Veronica Lake passed away about half a century ago, yet her mark on the entertainment industry remains. She was known for starring in multiple femme fatale movies. Her career was also at its peak
during the 1940s when she worked with Alan Ladd. However, her career suffered a
blow due to her drinking problem.

She was also involved in a series of failed relationships that encouraged her drinking issue. Ultimately, this is the presumed cause of her death in 1973. Lake’s career declined as her drinking issue progressed, and her last role was in 1970. Of course, she is still remembered for her iconic performances and unique hairstyle.

Carrie Fisher

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Carrie Fisher was one of the best American actresses because of many reasons. Her most notable character was Princess Leia in Star Wars. She was the first actress to help the cinema divert from the
“damsel in distress” trope. Princess Leia was an independent woman who helped her potential rescuers.

She was also nominated for the Saturn Awards four times and has appeared in multiple roles. However, Princess Leia remains her best character. Fisher also appeared in the 2019 Star Wars series posthumously. She also made a mark in the industry by starring in famous TV shows such as The
Big Bang Theory.

Kim Novak

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Kim Novak may have retired, but she is still known for her various roles in Hollywood. Columbia Pictures recruited her as a replacement for Rita Hayworth, one of the top stars of the 1940s. It was a good decision by the production house because Kim Novak quickly because a prominent star.

She has appeared in multiple blockbusters such as Picnic, Pal Joey, and The Man with the Golden Arm. Kim’s acting career lasted for a few decades before she completely retired in the 90s. She also had a
cancer scare in 2010 but was treated successfully. Novak is also a painter, and a book of her paintings was published in 2021.

Goldie Hawn

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The 70s was a great time for the American entertainment industry due to various hits. Many sitcoms of that era are also famous to date. Goldie Hawn rose to prominence due to a comedy sketch program in the 70s. After that, she also starred in Cactus Flower as a supporting actress.

Her performance in the movie was excellent and helped her earn various accolades. She received the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress. Besides that, Hawn also earned an Academy Award for Cactus Flower. She is still going strong and starred in a comedy film with Amy Schumer in 2017.

Pam Grier

Pam Grier is also another famous actress of the 1970s who changed the industry significantly. She starred primarily in action films and is known as the queen of Blaxploitation movies. Quentin Tarantino also refers to her as the cinema’s first female action star. Grier is also known for acting in women in prison films.

The diva is not only famous in the film industry but has also starred in multiple TV series. You may remember her from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. She also played a prominent role in the groundbreaking series, The L Word. Her latest performance was in 2020.

Barbara Parkins

Many young girls dream of becoming famous and a part of the Hollywood industry. Barbara Parkins had similar dreams, which is why she moved to Los Angeles when she was sixteen. Of course, these initial years were a struggle for her, as she was a backup dancer and singer behind well-known
stars in nightclubs.

The Valley of the Dolls was her rise to fame, as she stayed with the series for the entire duration. Her performance was nothing short of breath-taking in the series, which is why she was nominated for an
Emmy for this role.

Claudia Cardinale

Claudia Cardinale earned a beautiful trip to Italy after she won the Most Beautiful Girl in Tunisia title, and rightly so. During this trip, she struggled with speaking Italian, but her beautiful features got her acting and modelling opportunities that she seized. In the early years of Cardinale’s career, she had a French tone and hoarse tone, which is why they used to dub her voice.

In 2000, Cardinale became the goodwill ambassador at UNESCO for women’s defence. That is because she is incredibly open about women’s rights and supports them. She is a combination of a beautiful and intelligent woman.

Jaclyn Smith

If you have seen the TV version of Charlie’s Angels, you are probably familiar with Kelly Garrett, which Jaclyn Smith played. The show is the reason that she gained stardom in the industry and went on to boost her career with other roles. She also stars in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle movie.

After this, you will find Smith in many TV shows and roles, but none of them gained as much popularity as Charlie’s Angels. Of course, we can understand how beautiful she is because she has married four times. Her beauty and talent will always remain unparalleled.

Audrey Hepburn

Everyone knows who Audrey Hepburn is, as the Breakfast for Tiffany’s poster is one of the most iconic posters you will witness to date. However, her rise to fame was when she starred in Roman Holiday. The role got Hepburn the first Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and even a BAFTA.

Besides that, Hepburn is most famous for the humanitarian, philanthropy, and charity work that she did during her life. Unfortunately, in 1933, Hepburn was diagnosed with abdominal cancer, which was
soon the cause of her death. However, she is still a legend, and you will hear her name in many places.

Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai is one of the most beautiful women in India, and she keeps making it to such lists because of her ageless beauty. She started her modelling career when she was in college, which is when she won Miss World. After that, she took her career in another direction by starring in
famous Bollywood movies.

A unique aspect of Aishwarya Rai is that even though she has been in the public eye more than any other woman in India, she has still managed to keep her life private. Her beauty is full of grace and
timelessness, just like her acting.

Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve is a French actress, and her career launched enigmatically when she starred in Les Parapluies de Cherbourg. It was a French film like a musical, as all the dialogues were sung. Catherine
received even more fame when she played a role in Repulsion that wowed her audience.

Of course, ever since then, Catherine has starred in many movies and made a name for herself in the acting industry. Recently, she has denounced the MeToo movement. According to Catherine, it is a witch hunt, and she will take no part in this, which is why she has been vocal about it.

Jayne Kennedy

Jayne Kennedy is an American sports caster, actress, and model who was also given the title of Miss Ohio. She became the first African-American woman to earn this title, which made her rise to fame across the country. During the year she won this title, Jayne also met her husband.

Jayne got married to him soon after meeting him, but that did not stop her career. She has appeared on TV, and she even tried her hand at creating exercise videos to help other people. Jayne divorced her first husband in 82, and three years later, married Bill Overton.

Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall was famous for her unique voice and charismatic looks. She was one of the top American actresses who was given the title of the twentieth greatest female star of classic Hollywood during the years she was active. However, Bacall began as a model as she was shooting for
Harper’s Bazaar.

Of course, after this, her acting career also took off, and she displayed some excellent acting skills in her movies. Her beauty was also one of the top reasons she became famous, as everyone loved her
blue-green eyes and blonde hair. Unfortunately, Bacall passed away in 2014.

Jane Birkin

Known as one of the most popular French and English actress, Jane Birkin rose to international fame after having a long relationship with Serge Gainsbourg. However, after separation Birkin career wasn’t affected and she remained a sensational artist of the industry.

Doing various independent films just increased her popularity and now she is known as Europe’s finest actress. It didn’t end here, after a while Birkin had a Hermes bag named after her after she revealed that she wasn’t able to find a weekend leather bag. So the company just named a bag after her, what a life that is.

Britt Ekland

The Swedish actress and singer is one of the most famous one of the previous century. During 1960 and 1970, Britt Ekland was the talk of the town for her remarkable performances she carried out. One of the most popular roles of her was as the Bond girl in the movie, The Man with the Golden Gun.

She was much appreciated for the work she did and many people were diehard fan of her beauty. Peter Sellers fell for her beauty and just proposed her after seeing her picture in a newspaper. Since then she rose to fame day by day.

Faye Dunaway

Faye Dunaway is another inspirational American actress with many accolades to her name. Her career started in the early 1960s on Broadway, but now she is a leading name in the industry. You may also

remember her from classics such as Bonnie and Clyde, Chinatown, and The Thomas Crown Affair.

The actress is 81 years old but hasn’t retired yet. She has also starred in multiple TV series, including a documentary. Many people have also praised her timeless beauty. However, the diva is most famous
for giving captivating performances. This is why she has won a BAFTA Award and three Golden Globe Awards.

Loretta Young

Loretta Young is one of the artists that had a long career in the industry. Started her career as a child artist, Young was literally very young when she entered the industry. Started her career in 1917 and was once nominated for Oscars as the best actress for her part in the film The Farmers Daughter.

During her career Young married the famous actor Grant Withers but the marriage ended in just a year. The reason being her affair with Spencer Tracy that later got public and affected her personal life.

Sally Field


Smokey and the Bandit is famous for the acting of the late Burt Reynolds, but we must never forget the fantastic acting skills of Sally Field. At one point, Field was entangled with Burt Reynolds and went on to star in many famous movies. You might even have seen some of these movies.

Her movies include Forrest Gump, Mrs. Doubtfire, Steel Magnolias, etc. In her recent career, she starred in Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2 as Aunt May. Field also starred in Lincoln and was nominated for the role of Best Actress, as her performance in this movie was phenomenal.

Vivien Leigh

If you have watched A Streetcar Named Desire and Gone with the Wind, you know who Vivien Leigh is. However, Leigh always felt that her physical beauty overshadowed her performance as an actress as people noticed the beauty and not the acting. That is true to some extent, as many names in the industry agreed with this fact.

The last few decades of Leigh’s life were the most painful for her as she often suffered from tuberculosis. Unfortunately, she left this plane of existence in 1967, when her tuberculosis illness recurred. However, her name is still well-known in the acting world.

Julie Andrews

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Julie Andrews was one of the actresses that remained in the public eye for quite some time. She was a sensation in the 80s and got the chance for two iconic roles that changed her life.

No doubt as to Mary Poppins she did a remarkable job and was appreciated globally for her performance. In addition, her role in The Sound of Music can never be ignored. Her career spanning over seven decades led to many achievements and countless awards. Known as the finest English actress for her contribution to the entertainment industry, well that is Julie Andrews for you.

Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge may have a short life but was surely an inspiration for many. She is the first-ever black woman to be nominated for Best Actress. Dorothy was a remarkable artist and was mainly known for her acting, singing, and dance performances.

Starting her career as a young comedy artist, Dandridge was later a part of a band. She also worked as a singer in many nightclubs until she received recognition. Her dedication and hard work led to her receiving an Oscar nomination for her notable performance in Porgy and Bess for her main lead as Bess.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly is known as the finest actress of the entertainment industry. She may have only been a part of the industry for five years but earned enough fame and fans that became a part of her life. The reason for the end of her career was due to getting married to the Prince of Monaco.

However, it is sad how she passed away in a car crash while driving her daughter. Luckily, the daughter survived but Grace Kelly couldn’t. She is always going to be remembered for her elegance and class personality for sure.

Sharon Tate

Unfortunately, everyone will always remember Sharon Tate for her tragic and disturbing death, as people talk more about that than her career. She started her career by acting in movies and was an incredibly promising newcomer in the industry. That is because she took dramatic and comedic roles and played them both well. 

In 1968, Tate got married to Roman Polanski. Unfortunately, she was eight months pregnant when she passed away, and the world will never forget this. However, Tate still lives in our hearts, and she
was truly one of the most beautiful women in the world who went before her time.

Judy Garland

Being a part of the most iconic movie of all time The Wizard of Oz, Judy Garland received all the glamour that comes with being part of this industry. Despite having a short life and career, Judy achieved things that many haven’t in such a time period.

Later nominated for Academy Awards for her two great performances in A Star Is Born and Judgment at Nuremberg, Judy Garland was at the peak of her career. But fate had something else for her and she tragically passed away. Her daughter carried the torch and to relive the legacy her biopic was created.

Katharine Hepburn


Avoiding publicity after entering Hollywood is one of the most difficult things to do. Katherine refusing to succumb to the pressures of Hollywood publicity, no one could take their eyes off Katherine Hepburn. Later, marrying Spencer Tracy and doing nine movies with him earned her a good position in the industry.

However, the relationship wasn’t the reason of her success it was all her hard work and skills. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been nominated for four Academy Awards for Lead Acting Performance. This is enough to tell how great artist Katherine was.

Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo was one of the top Hollywood women that weren’t from the US. Many people forget that she was from Sweden and entered the American entertainment industry in the early 1920s. However, she became a commercial hit because of her great acting skills and facial features.

The actress was nominated thrice for Best Actress at the Academy Awards. She also received an Honorary Academy Award for her unforgettable screen presence. Interestingly, Garbo’s career in the acting industry didn’t last long. She retired by age 35 after only completing 28 projects. Greta may not be alive today, but her legacy lives on.

Ingrid Bergman

Ingrid, the Swedish actress rose to international fame by her work in Casablanca alongside Humphrey Bogart. However, she started her acting career by working in German and Swedish movies. She is arguably known as the most beautiful international star in the history of entertainment.

Even after going through rough times, Ingrid didn’t let that affect her work and she stayed dedicated towards her work. She was one of the most convicted actress directors during that time had worked with. However, after having a great career she was diagnosed with breast cancer and later passed away due to it.

Gene Tierney

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Gene Tierney may not be as famous as other women on this list, but she still made a lasting mark on Hollywood. She was not only a great leading lady but was also praised for her great beauty. Many people also credit Tierney for helping invent femme fatale films.

Her best-known role was in the movie Laura, but she also received an Academy Award nomination for her Leave Her to Heaven role. Tierney’s last role in the film industry was in the 1964 movie The Pleasure Seekers. After that, she only acted in several TV series before passing away in 1971.

Mia Farrow

You may have encountered high-profile divas before, but Mia Farrow tops the list. She has gained a lot of fame for acting in more than 50 films. Her activist projects have also allowed her to
gain the spotlight. Besides that, her relationships with two great entertainers
have also contributed to her fame.

Mia was married to Frank Sinatra and has been in a relationship with Woody Allen. However, the diva’s most celebrated achievement is her acting skills. This is why she has been nominated for the
BAFTA Award. Farrow has also won multiple awards, including a Golden Globe for her acting roles.

Julia Roberts

No list of inspirational Hollywood women can be complete without Julia Roberts. She has been an important name in the industry since the 90s. Her timeless beauty also helps her attract the audience easily. Roberts achieved her breakthrough role with Pretty Woman and hasn’t looked back since then.

Runaway Bride, Notting Hill, and Ocean’s Eleven are some of her commercial hits. Of course, her list of hits is so long that you may lose track. Julia Roberts is still going strong and starring in different movies. In 2022, her movie Ticket to Paradise is expected to release. She is also filming for Leave the World Behind.