Florence Pugh defends her nipple-revealing Valentino dress.

After receiving severe criticism on social media for the nipple-baring outfit she wore to style weekend, Florence Pugh fired back, claiming that her detractors were “frightened of boobs.”

When she released the nipple during fashion week, Florence Pugh did not apologize.

The Oscar-nominated actress resorted to Instagram to defend her daring style after it was criticized for her appearance at the Valentino Haute Couture show in Rome earlier this week.

When I put on the Valentino dress, I knew there would be a lot of people talking about it,” she said on July 10 in a lengthy statement that included images of the outfit. It didn’t matter if we were doing anything nasty or nice; we all understood exactly what we were doing.”

In an interview, Florence, 24, said she wasn’t nervous about donning the vivid pink tulle dress that the label’s creative director (Pierpaolo Piccioli) had designed in his signature shade.

As she proceeded, “It’s been interesting to see and witness just how simple it is for guys to damage a woman’s body, openly, proudly, for everyone to see,” she said. “A woman hearing what’s wrong with her body from a gathering of strangers isn’t the first and probably won’t be the last time. That some males can be that rude is alarming.”

“I’ve come to grips with the nuances of my body,” the Little Women star remarked, adding that she’s grown to love the “flaws” that people point out about her appearance.

“Her ‘small t—s’ had disappointed many of you, and she’d heard from others that they thought I should be ashamed of my ‘flat chest,’ she continued. “This is where I’ve spent the most time. I’m not afraid of my breast size since I’m completely aware of it.”

For Florence, it was a blessing to grow up in a “home of beautiful, powerful, curvaceous women,” and she wondered why so many people are “scared of breasts.”

She said, “We were raised to find power in the folds of our body.” “To make it clear that you are at ease. Whenever I’ve been asked to change my body into an opinion of what’s hot or sexually beautiful, I’ve always said, “F—k it and f—k that.”

That’s why I chose to wear that outfit,” she said.

Before concluding, she urged her detractors to consider “growing up” and contemplating why it is so easy for males to be loud and vocal about their abuse of women in 2022.

“Show courtesy to others. Be mindful of the physical well-being of others. Respect for all females. Respect others, and you will be respected. “She concluded. “I can assure you that things will become much better. And it’s all because of a pair of adorable nipples.”

Florence attended the Valentino Autumn/Winter 2022 catwalk show on July 8 with Vogue’s Anna Wintour, sitting in the first row. Emily in Paris’ Ashley Park, Charles Melton from Riverdale, Kate Hudson, and Naomi Campbell from Schitt’s Creek were others in attendance.