Gabrielle Union’s Response to Her Newly Arched Eyebrows Is Extremely Funny: “True!”

I’m ecstatic! Gabrielle Union had her eyebrows carefully waxed, and her arches precisely reshaped the day before her vacation, and she loved it. On Monday, November 21st, the 49-year-old performer turned to Instagram to share a celebration dance she did following her therapy, and her response is all too familiar.

“Oh, ooooo, absolutely,” the Bringing It On actress remarked in an Instagram story, gesturing to her perfectly groomed eyebrows. “Yessss”

Union went to Damone Roberts for a Monday treatment to freshen up her eyebrows. However, based on the clip, their sessions included performer Essence Atkins, with plenty of laughter and fantastic beauty tips.

“If you have a private rendezvous with your girlfriends, @gabunion and @essence say to drink from the elixir of life and discuss methods of ageing reverse… Go ahead and pluck a few brows as well.”

Followers flooded the response box, demanding that the eyebrow designer reveal the techniques. Feel free to say you’re all giving these techniques because you, @gabunion, and @essence, all look so young and gorgeous,” one fan wrote. “I think @gabunion has the appearance of an adolescent!”

Although he hasn’t revealed precisely what they discussed during their private meeting, LA’s most exemplary performer has revealed a few of her favorite beauty techniques throughout the past.

What is her number one recommendation?

She told The Publication in 2014, “I’m a minimalist out of need.” “If I have to choose between sleeping or applying a full face of makeup, I’m likely to choose to sleep.” Beauty rest has a certain amount of energy! I have roughly five minutes to get dressed based on how I plan my life.

She also has a strong belief in the anti-aging properties of her prone skin. “Having oiliness is both a benefit and a misfortune,” she explained to Elle in 2016. “I’m beginning to feel this is like an equal quantity that keeps me appearing young.”

She also acknowledged using Julie Hewett Organic Camellia Oil to apply a touch of excess oil to her skin. “It’s incredible,” says the speaker. “And it’s only a few droplets, and I have seen it on my face or neck,” she explained at the moment. It is, for lack of a better word, a miraculous outcome.