Gwyneth Paltrow reveals how she & Chris Martin came up with the name Apple for their daughter.

For their first kid, Gwyneth Paltrow and ex-husband Chris Martin did come up with the “unique and groovy” name Apple.

Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed some fascinating facts concerning Apple’s name.

Jennifer Aniston was questioned about how she and her ex-husband Chris Martin came up with the name after their first kid, now 17, in an Instagram Question & Answer session on April 24.

According to Gwyneth, her father thought up the idea, which she immediately fell madly in love with. In my opinion, it was fresh and interesting. “I can not think of a better name for her.”

The actress previously credited Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin in August 2004, when she explained to Oprah Winfrey why she initially recommended Apple to Oprah.

Paltrow recalled how her husband joked, “If it is a girl, I believe her name should be Apple,” when she first found out she was expecting. ‘It seemed so nice, you understand, and it dreamed up such a wonderful photo for me,'” he said.

Additionally, she said: “Apples are very delicious and they are healthy and scriptural.”

When Gwyneth and Chris “intentionally uncoupled” in 2014 after one decade of marriage, they had a son, Moses, now 16.

Gwyneth sent an Instagram homage to Apple in honor of International Women’s Day two months ago.

The caption on a picture of her FaceTiming her kid started, “I have been spending the morning thinking about all of the beautiful people I love, who love me back hard,” she began. “Today, though, I would want to honor a lady (technically, almost) on the verge of it all.”

This woman gives me hope for sisterhood’s future and the future of our world,’ Gwyneth said of Apple. Because of her, I am the woman I am now more than anybody else.

Gwyneth Paltrow recently confessed that her daughter Apple’s name isn’t even the most popular today, even though it is one of the most remembered in Hollywood history.

The Goop entrepreneur teased her ex on Instagram after Elon Musk & Grimes named their son X A-12 in May 2020, “#ChrisMartin.” We may have lost the title of “most debated baby name” to someone else.