Is Pink Trending In 2022 Summer Fashion?

Many fashion trends emerge in summers, such as mini-skirts, low-rise jeans, and cut-out dresses. However, colors also trend in the fashion industry at times. Black is a prevalent shade that many celebrities opt for on runways and red carpets.

However, more vibrant color is trending this year: hot pink. If you want to know more about this new trend, say no more. Here’s all the information you need.

Is Pink Trending In 2022 Summer Fashion?

Hot pink has been trending this summer because of various reasons. As per WGSN, catwalk collections for womenswear saw an 89% increase in pink clothing than last year. However, Valentino’s Pink PP collection has made the most famous contribution to the trend.

The collection debuted at the Paris Fashion Week, and various looks were shown exclusively. Zendaya, the brand ambassador, also wore a hot pink suit to the presentation. Since then, the color has been trending globally, with many celebrities wearing pink clothing.

How Is Pink Affecting Summer Shopping?

This color dominates the shopping industry because of celebrities and the public. In March, Lyst showed an increase of 24% for pink items. Blazers, dresses, and bags are the top things people want in this trending color. Nationwide searches for hot pink items have also increased by more than 100%.

Some people want bathing suits in hot pink while others require minidresses of the same color. People are also investing in designer shoes and earrings in pink. This is why getting items of this shade may help you stand out at a summer event.

Examples Of Pink Clothing

Here are the top pink clothing examples in 2022:

  1. Jason Wu Fall 2022 Collection

Jason Wu’s 2022 fall collection was packed with pink dresses in different designs. A short fuchsia dress with puffy sleeves and bubble hem was the highlight. The designer also brought ruffle design back into the trend with his collection. The dresses of the Bridgerton series may have inspired this.

  • Sheer Outfits

Sheer dresses were trending in 2018, but their popularity didn’t remain for long. However, celebrities and fashion houses decided to bring back this design through a major collaboration. A prime example is Bella Hadid. She wore a pink slip dress with gloves and a furry pink jacket to the Fendi’s 2022 Fall Show.

  • Monotone Pink Suits

This clothing became famous after the Valentino’s Pink PP collection. Zendaya’s outfit inspired many people to opt for similar suits. Gucci’s 2022 Fall Show also focused on gender-fluid suits with plaids, velvets, and corduroys.

Besides that, the Grammys was also packed with hot pink clothing. Travis Barker’s outfit stood out the most. The best part is that this trend also aligns with the goals of various companies. Suits are an integral part of office clothing, and many employees invest in them.

Final Thoughts

This is everything you need to know about pink trending in 2022 summer fashion. If you want to follow your favorite celebrities, getting an item in hot pink will help you. The best part is that clothing of this color is more readily available on the market.