Kayne and Kim Bring Their Daughter West to Virgil Abloh’s Final Louis Vuitton Show

Following Virgil Abloh’s recent death, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian reunited to honor the designer at his final Louis Vuitton runway show. The recently divorced couple showed up with their daughter North West at the event.

The rapper paid tribute to his friend who passed away by dedicating a church service to him. The two were friends for over 20 years. It was a friendship that started before Kim and Kanye even met, as Virgil and Kanye’s mutual friend Don C were friends from back in the day.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have not been seen together since their split earlier this year. Kim focuses on her fashion and beauty projects, while Kanye West has been working on new music.

It seems that only tragedy can bring these two together

Kim and Kayne were once a reality show super couple. Now, they’re a reality show super dysfunctional divorced couple. That couldn’t be more evident than Kim’s moving on and now is reportedly dating Pete Davidson.

There’s no way to know what’s going on between Kim and Kanye, but it stands to reason that they’ll reunite at some point. The two were originally set up as a reality show couple, which meant they spent much time together. They were even real-life best friends – or at least, Kim told us that they were.

Kim and Kanye West have always had a tumultuous relationship, but, likely, nothing will ever be the same. So the couple is done for good.

Here’s why Kim and Kanye will not get back together

Kim and Kanye did everything together for a long time. They went to all the fashion shows, went on their first real date, filmed their reality show, and now they’re divorced. They fronted a reality show together, and they’ve been seen together in public nonstop since then. They even started dating each other on a TV show! So it’s not like they don’t know each other. They must have a lot of memories together.

But with all that said, Kim is over Kanye. It’s clear from the reports that she’s moved on to somebody else. She’s reportedly dating Pete Davidson, who is just a much better fit for her. Kim is getting involved with somebody else because she can be herself around him. She doesn’t have to pretend to be anyone else around him.

Hopefully, Kayne and Kim will always be there for their children

Kanye is a dad first and foremost, so keeping his family together is important to him. He knows how much Kim loves their daughter North, so he’s been trying to keep the family together lately. Unfortunately, while there have been reports that the two will get back together again, it’s just not going to happen. The two are no longer a couple at this point.

Kim and Kanye are no longer a couple. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are now a ‘co-parenting’ couple, which means they’re legally responsible for the care of their daughter, North, and their other children. Kim was miserable when she and Kanye split. She’s lucky to have moved on with someone who cares about her, someone who’s willing to do anything for her kids.