Meet Lizzo: The best body-positive voice on the internet today

As a society, we have a hell of a lot of work today if we ever want to create a happier, healthier world for us all. This includes finding the time to be more positive about things we do have as opposed to the things that we lack. That is why you might want to focus a bit more on trying to be body positive to people in life. When someone tells you they need to lose weight, we often just kind of agree – but should you?

While there are obvious health concerns with being too large or too thin, it is always important to encourage people to feel good about themselves. Even if they are on the path to making changes, it is good to let them know that they still look great today. that is why people like Melissa Jefferson, or Lizzo, are so important. In a world that seems focused on creating archetypical standards for things like the weight we should be and whatnot, people like Lizzo can be such a major boost to those needing a little confidence.

Growing up, she said that she felt like she “didn’t see myself in magazines”, referring to the need for magazines to promote the thinner the better thinking. People like Lizzo, though, show us that this is wrong; we don’t have to be drastically close to underweight to be seen as ‘attractive’; most of the time, it comes down to creating a more positive image of variety in society.

Lizzo: A cultural icon with an important message

If you have never come across Lizzo, then you should absolutely check her out. She is someone who understands that her body is attractive, that she looks great, and that she is a sex symbol to many people. She isn’t the archetypical catwalk model; instead, she is a genuine, beautiful, confident person who carries off that most attractive of traits – self-belief!

Many people who suffer from what they perceive to be excessive weight can often feel bad about themselves when they look in the mirror. People like Lizzo, though, help you to realise who you are is who you are, and that you don’t have to bend yourself into contortions to fit some weird societal description of ‘beauty’ – because no matter what you look like, you should be positive about your attributes and features.

Instead of telling ourselves that we need to lose X pounds or start exercising Y times each week, people like Lizzo offer a much better path to a happier future. Working out and exercising is good for our bodies, as is eating properly. But for people who feel happy and comfortable with how they look, there should be no need to adjust and bend your own desires based on what society says!

For years, society has allowed itself to be beholden to consumer opinion and the media-led description of beauty, popularity, and correctness. Well, people like Lizzo can remind you of one very important thing: we are all human, and we are all beautiful in our own way!