New Dresses from Kim Kardashian’s Skims

It’s a glamorous outfit. Kim Kardashian’s clothing line Skims just introduced a Sheer Nylon Bodysuit with such a crotch opening, and admirers are understandably confused.

In Tight-fitting Skims, Khloe Kardashian Flaunts her sexy curves.

On Wednesday, March 09, the company shared six photographs of women donning the transparent garment, which they’ve labeled a “dark style,” along with the old clothing creator.

The legs and arms are covered by cloth, and the elastic fabric has an open backside and an “exposed heel.” It’s priced at $108 and comes in dimensions 4x to XX.

It’s really no wonder that perhaps the Staying Current With Kardashians alum’s admirers were utterly enthralled by the, well, unique creative idea.

One person laughed, “It’s providing quickie,” whereas others cracked a joke, “Should you want to break wind.” It’s ideal again for the moment.” “Where else would I put this except the house?” wondered another. Are undergarments meant to come with it?”

Many admirers flocked to the appearance, snapping it up as soon as it appeared upon that website. “Miss Kim understood precisely what she has been doing with this, though,” one person commented, throwing a flaming sign. However, one individual said, “I really want this.”

Several admirers called out that even the skin-tight style is identical to Rihanna’s lingerie collection. Yet another reader noted, “RIHANNA HDone Everything Before,” while someone else added, “It’s generating duplicate feelings.” Rihanna’s clothing business created waves in July 2021 when it debuted crotchless leggings and skin-tight skintight suits. She even has crotchless underpants for sale.

Even though some followers might well be critical of Kardashian’s current venture, her brand has proven to be quite profitable. Because since its introduction in 2019, the firm has grown swiftly and is now worth $1.6 billion.

Skims began as a women’s clothing company, and it has now expanded to include bikinis, panties, swimsuits, nightwear, jackets, and much more. In November 2021, the firm released the first partnership with luxury fashion label Fendi, which shattered the online.

Due to great demand, the first release ran out almost immediately, prompting the second release in November 2021. The site displayed everything to do with emblem bodysuits and underwear to a $4.2k leather outfit.

Kardashian’s personal marketing photography has included everyone else, from Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox to Kate Moss and her breakthrough collection with Fendi.

Skims were also designated the official representative of both the Summer and Snowy Olympics in Japan.