Shay Mitchel Drops Latest BEIS Bag Collection

Are you looking for travel accessories, suitcases, and bags that are as functional as they are beautiful? If you are, then you need to take a look at BEIS, a brand by Shay Mitchell. It includes some of the best products that all fashion icons and travelers will love.

Here is everything you must know about her brand and its collections.

The High Line Collection By BEIS

The latest collection of BEIS is known as The High Line. It is an extensive collection of lightweight bags that offer versatility and beauty. Shay loves this line because she thinks it encapsulates her brand in the best way possible.

That is because The High Line collection includes everything that her fans will love. The collection is unique, and each bag is made using sustainable materials, such as 55% hemp. Because of the material, the bugs are sturdy but also lightweight.

So, you can carry these bags anytime of the year and for any occasion. You can check out her collection and see which pieces you like best for your needs.

The Reason For Using Hemp As A Primary Material

The vision of Shay Mitchell for BEIS is to explore unique and creative ways to make life stylish, organized, and easy. Season collections, such as The High Line, are even more creative. Because of this, Shay decided to use 55% hemp as the primary material for the items in this collection.

Here are the top reasons why Shay Mitchell chose hemp as her primary material:

  • It is biodegradable
  • It is four times stronger than cotton
  • Hemp prevents odors by resisting any bacterial growth
  • The fabric is highly breathable

All these are the reasons and benefits that come with using hemp. According to Shay Mitchell, the material is perfect to use in the spring and summer as it does not retain any heat.

Why Choose The BEIS Collection For Gifting?

You can select the BEIS Collection to gift to someone. There are five bags in the collection in different shapes and sizes, which you can also wear in unique ways and use for various things. The collection is functional, playful, clean, and lightweight.

Besides that, the best part is that the collection has a neutral beige color that will match any luggage set or outfit you have. So, if you want to gift someone an amazing traveling or other bags, there is no better place to look than The High Line collection. It will take your breath away.

Final Words

The latest BEIS bag collection by Shay Mitchell is worthy for you to spend your money on. Everything from the material to the shape and style is excellent, which is why you will get a lot of use out of these bags for a long time to come. You can go through the collection and see for yourself what it has to offer.

Once you do, even you will want to buy everything from the collection. That is how excellent the bags are.