The Perfect Guide to Reading Your Birth Chart

If you have been on the internet lately, you would know that birth charts have become the new hype. No two people have the same birth charts, which is exactly why they are so fascinating. It might be a great idea to find a professional astrologer to read your birth chart, but you can understand it yourself too.

You can find your birth chart online by giving specific information about your birth date, location, and time of birth. Once you do that, you will have a chart that is divided into 12 different sections, or houses. You will notice that your Sun, Moon, Rising signs and each of the seven planets are linked to a zodiac sign and a house.

With that information, you can easily read your birth chart yourself.

Understanding the Planets

Each of the planets were in a specific composition at the time that you were born. Your Sun sign determines the location of the sun when you were born, and the same goes for the Moon and other planets. Each of these represent a very specific aspect of your personality.

Your Sun sign represents where you will be the most successful in your life. This can reveal promising information about your career path and goals in life. Similarly, your Moon sign represents all of your emotional needs.

Each of the other planets is associated to a specific aspect of your life and personality. If you want to uncover more about your love life and monetary success, you can refer to the fan-favorite planet Venus. If you are an introvert who struggles to communicate with other people, you can look at your Mars position on the birth chart. This will give you enough self-reflection for you to understand your mind and thoughts.

Similarly, you can easily search up more details about what each planet represents. The basic thing that you need to understand is that the position of every planet at the time that you were born plays an essential role towards your personality, relationships, and decision-making during your entire life.

Zodiac Signs

The next thing on your birth chart will be all of the zodiac signs. Common knowledge suggests that your date of birth corresponds to a certain zodiac sign, but your birth chart gives you a far more detailed analysis.

You would already know that each zodiac sign represents different personality traits and life goals. Your Sun sign is the zodiac sign in which the Sun was located at the time of your birth. You can follow the same principle to determine all of your other signs, such as your Moon sign, Rising sign, Mercury sign, etc.

The relationship between the planets and zodiac signs is a complex one. Even if you are a grounded Scorpio as your Sun sign, your Mercury sign could be Sagittarius which would make you both reckless and straightforward.

The Houses

Now that you have the basic information needed to understand the planets and zodiac signs, you can move on to the circle that is divided into 12 sections. This represents the 12 houses, and each house will be ruled to a planet and zodiac sign in your specific chart. Together with the zodiac signs and planets, each house explains which aspect of your life will be affected by the energy of the planet.

For example, the 1st house is ruled by the planet Mars and zodiac sign Aries, representing your inner personality. You can know more about your actual self and how you show up in front of the world by looking at the 1st house on your birth chart. You can follow the same principle for all 12 houses – each of which represents a distinct area of your life.

How Do I Interpret My Birth Chart?

When you have your birth chart at hand, simply look at each house and the symbol placed inside. Compare the symbol with the key to locate where each planet was at the time of your birth and what zodiac sign it corresponds to. If this sounds too complicated, you can always just start with your Sun, Moon, and Rising placements.