Top 50 Celebrities That Are From The LGBTQ+ Community

There has been a lot of stigma around gender identity for a long time now. While things have gotten better, the stigma does exist, and we can see it in subtle things. For example, any movie today that features intimate scenes of LGBTQ+ characters are rather stricter than movies with intimate scenes of straight characters.

Of course, because of this, even celebrities have been shy to admit that they are gender fluid or identify as someone from the LGBTQ+ community. Fortunately, many celebrities have come out with their gender identities. Today we are going to take a look at 50 celebrities that ‘you may or may not know’ are from the LGBTQ+ community.

Miley Cyrus

Everyone that has watched Disney during their childhood knows who Miley Cyrus is. First, she played the role of Hannah Montana, and in 2011, she stopped playing this role. Since then, Miley has found many avenues to express her sexuality, especially through performing arts.

Recently, Miley has also announced that she is a gender-fluid individual, which means that she doesn’t identify with just one gender. She has also been vocal about many issues that face the LGBTQ+ community. Miley even opened a foundation known as Happy Hippie Foundation, which is responsible for helping minor populations, such as LGBTQ+, homeless, and others.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande doesn’t need any introduction, as almost everyone recognizes this pop icon. In 2019, she released her single Monopoly, and since then, she has been somewhat of a controversial figure inside the community of LGBTQ+. After this song, many people couldn’t understand if Ariana was bisexual.

According to Ariana, she has not labelled herself throughout her career, and she doesn’t intend on doing that even right now. Some people also think that this was Ariana’s move to attract a bigger fan base from the LGBTQ+ community. Of course, we will never know if that statement is true or not.

Angelina Jolie

We are sure that many people keep forgetting that Angelina Jolie is openly LGBTQ+. In 2003, Jolie was asked if she is bisexual, and she replied by saying yes, it doesn’t matter who she falls in love with. That is because when you are in love with someone, you want to share yourself physically, too, be it with a woman or man.

In another interview, Jolie also talked about how when she was only 20, she fell in love with a woman, and she was open about it. That is because she wanted people to know she was with a woman.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is never afraid to speak her mind, and because of this, along with her performance style, she has a big LGBTQ+ fan base. During an interview with Barbara Walters in 2009, Lady Gaga also came out as bisexual. Ever since then, she has been under fire for using this as a marketing gimmick to gain more fans.

However, Gaga has put these rumors to rest by saying that she has always been a bisexual individual. Lady Gaga also launched the Born This Way Foundation made to encourage the youth to be more open, improve mental health among them, and prevent them from being bullied.

Elliot Page

You might know Elliot Page as Viktor Hargreeves from The Umbrella Academy. He came out as a transgender two years ago and gave an interview to the Time that everyone loved. That is because it offered to hope to everyone struggling with their gender identities.

Besides that, anyone finding it difficult to come out to the public about their gender identity could relate to Page’s interview. Page is the first trans man to come on the cover of Time magazine. We hope he keeps making strides in his career and as a trans man to help the LGBTQ+ community.

Jim Parsons

Sheldon Cooper may be eccentric, but he was also one of the most loving characters on The Big Bang Theory. He played this role for more than a decade, but recently, he has been in the spotlight for being a part of the LGBTQ+ community. After his role ended, he also worked on Equal as a producer, a docuseries that is based on the LGBTQ+ movement and its history.

His sexuality has been public for a long time now, as he also got married in 2017 to Todd Spiewak. He has now moved away from acting and taken on the role of a producer.

Amy Winehouse

Unfortunately, Amy Winehouse passed away untimely, but she made a mark in the music world while she was alive. Her friends reported that she liked girls and was bisexual when she was alive. That is because she did what felt good to her, and being with a woman was incredibly satisfying for her.

Winehouse also didn’t care about what people thought about her as she did what she wanted to do. Of course, this news fell under the radar because of many reasons. That is why many people don’t know that she is bisexual and part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart came out as a bisexual in 2017 and told the Guardian that she is not confused at all about her gender identity. She knows that she is bisexual and that it doesn’t confuse her as it does her fan base. She has dated people from both sides of the gender spectrum, but people still want to think of her and Pattinson reuniting.

After all, they were a power couple in the movie and after it too. However, both of them have moved on since then to other partners. The actress is edgy, and we would love to see more of her.

Jason Collins

Many athletes prefer to keep their sexual preference a secret because it might hurt their career and professional image. However, Jason Collins was the first NBA player that came out as an openly gay man that played in four major sports. In 2014, Collins announced that he is now retiring as an athlete.

He also stated that more athletes should come out as their true selves without facing any threats. It will lower the stigma, and coming out will not remain a big deal for athletes. Of course, we haven’t reached that point yet, but we hope to do soon.

Amber Heard

Amber Heard has recently been in the public eye a lot because of her entire divorce trial with Johnny Depp. However, it has been more than a decade since Heard admitted she was bisexual, as she was even dating Tasya van Ree at that time. Besides that, you will notice that Amber Heard is still vocal about offering equal rights to LGBTQ+.

In an interview in 2017, Amber went on to say that she did not realize how much we have to do and how far we have to go to be equal with others. She now does everything to be more vocal.

Sarah Paulson

Sarah Paulson is a Golden-Globe winner, and she is also one of the most influential people you will find. Even Time’s rated as in their hundred most influential people list. All of this took place in a short period, as the actress gained fame for the roles she played.

However, Sarah has been about her sexuality, as it has been many years since she has been dating women. Recently, she has been in a relationship for the past seven years with Holland Taylor. She has also dated Tracy Letts and Cherry Jones, but she has made it clear that she prefers it when people don’t think of her as a lesbian.

Marlon Brando

While Marlon Brando was the epitome of masculinity, he also told his biographer that he had had many homosexual experiences throughout his life. He also went on to say that he is not ashamed of such experiences, and he doesn’t care about what people think of him. Of course, Brando was one of the top actors, and he could land any role he liked, regardless of what he did.

Even now, he is known as a legend in the acting world, as no one will forget him. Some of his most notable performances include A Streetcar Named Desire, The Godfather, and many others.

Kate McKinnon

Kate’s story is interesting because she didn’t realize through experience that she is attracted to women. Instead, this realization dawned upon her when she was watching The X-Files. That is because Gillian Anderson was on the show, and she found herself being lovestruck by her presence on the show.

Even today, Kate refers to Anderson as being the queen of her heart because that is how she realized her sexual preference. Besides that, one of her top inspirations is Ellen DeGeneres. Kate has swooned over many people from the industry, and she is not ashamed of any of it, and rightly so.

Annie Clark

Annie Clark recently debuted as an actress in The Nowhere Inn, as the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. It is about the on-stage persona of Annie, known as St Vincent. The film is narrated from the perspective of her ex-girlfriend, and it is a mockumentary you will love to see.

It is a satire, and many people might resonate with it once they watch it. Clark does not hide her sexuality, as many people know that she was openly dating Cara Delevingne. Besides that, there were also rumors that she was dating Kristen Stewart at one point.

Billie Joe Armstrong

The Green Day rock star has been open about his bisexuality for a long time now, as he made it public in 1995. During that time, Billie emphasized to The Advocate that he thinks he has always been bisexual, as he believes that people are born that way. If you have heard Coming Clean by the band, you will notice that Billie has talked about his sexuality in that too.

It is amazing to see celebrities come forward for so long. It provides other people with the courage to also come forward and be more open about their sexuality and gender identity.

Aubrey Plaza

In 2016, Aubrey Plaza had an interview with The Advocate in which she made her feelings known about the same sex. According to Aubrey, she knows that many girls are into her, and she is into them too. That is because she also has intense feelings for women that she can’t put away.

Plaza went on to tell the Advocate that she has more masculine energy, which is why she is attracted to women and men. She can’t help it, and she is proud to be bisexual. We love to see it when celebrities don’t shy away from being open about who they are in public.


Despite being in the business for more than a decade, Fergie still maintains her popularity. She remains in the public eye, but many people don’t know that during the early 2000s, she identified as bisexual. During an interview with The Advocate, Fergie told them that she is not ashamed of the fact that she has had a lot of fun with women over the years.

The singer is not afraid to speak up about her preferences, but still, many people don’t know this about Fergie. That is especially true for her fans in recent years that don’t know about the interview with The Advocate.

Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin came out as a bisexual twelve years ago and then went on to marry Stephen Moyer. When she got married, she was under fire from the LGBTQ+ community. Many people thought that her coming out was hateful and that it was the complete opposite of what she had stated.

Of course, Anna didn’t stay quiet when she was under fire. Instead, she told everyone that she was happy with the decision that she married a man and that it didn’t negate any other aspect of her life. She is not afraid to live life on her own terms, and we are happy for her.

Tim Cook

Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple, and he came out as a gay man in 2014. He emphasized that he is proud to be gay and that it is perhaps one of the greatest gifts that Cook has received from God. Since then, Cook has found every opportunity to speak up for the LGBTQ+ community.

You will notice that Cook always stands up for the young generation who are disowned or bullied because of their gender identity or sexual preference. Cook understands these struggles and does everything he can to help the community whenever possible.

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson gained the most fame when she began appearing on The X Files. She told The Telegraph in 2015 that she has been in relationships with people of the same gender, and she would always be open to experiencing it again. Anderson further went on to say that it is about loving another being, and gender doesn’t matter when it comes to love.

Recently, Anderson has appeared on The Crown and Sex Education. You can watch both of these shows and understand why Kate McKinnon swooned over her. She has also appeared in The Fall if you want to watch that soon.

Ben Platt

Ben Platt has starred in The Politician and Pitch Perfect, and his career is going to another level at the speed of lightning. He came out as a gay individual to his family just at the young age of thirteen. However, he came out to the public only three years ago.

Platt has also been out with the public even though he never formally admitted it. Of course, now he is openly gay, and he doesn’t hide his identity from anyone. He also hopes that the world is moving away from the challenges that come with auditioning as a gay person.

Janelle Monae

The ArchAndroid was the debut album that Janelle Monae came out with twelve years ago. Her style was very androgynous and alien, but through her songs, she let the world know that she is human, just like everyone else. At first, Monae identified as bisexual, but recently, she stated that even pansexuality resonated with her.

Monae does everything she can through her position to get difficult conversations started about the queer community. She does her best to raise awareness and support every cause. Despite her music personality, she is incredibly active and advocates for the rights of LGBTQ+.

Jameela Jamil

If you have watched The Good Place, you are probably a fan of Jameela Jamil. She came out as a queer two years ago, but she received a lot of backlash as soon as she came out. That is because she was in a relationship with James Blake for more than five years.

However, she clarified to The Guardian that she did not come out before because she was worried that people would think she was using this label to get ahead. Of course, she also went on to say that she wouldn’t lie about her identity, and she finally had the courage to speak up about it.

Frank Ocean

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know who Frank Ocean is and have probably heard some of his music as well. In 2012, Frank publicly declared his love for another man on Tumblr. A few years after this incident, Frank released an album known as Blonde that offered substance to this public claim.

Frank Ocean is one of the most loved musicians in the world of contemporary music. He knows that he can use his platform to spread awareness about LGBTQ+, and he does that. It has been a while since Frank released some music, and we are eager to see what he comes up with next.

Azealia Banks

In 2015, many people accused Azealia of homophobia because she used a lot of gay slurs in her lyrics and on her Twitter feed. However, she came out as a bisexual individual in the same year. She also went on to tell everyone that most of her friends are gay, and she has a transgender sibling as well.

During this year, Azealia also spoke to The New York Times. She told them that this was not a marketing tactic and she was not trying to be a lesbian or bisexual rapper. Instead, she is part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Rebecca Black

Black identifies as queer, but it was not easy for her to accept this identity, especially in front of the public. That is because her song Friday launched in 2011, and at that time, no one gave her a warm welcome, as most people made fun of the song. Such a response made it even more difficult for her to open up.

However, Rebecca finally made a conscious decision that she would never come out. People also began asking questions about her sexuality, and she would not respond to them. She still feels that she is in the process of accepting herself.

Lilly And Lana Wachowski

You would probably remember Lana and Lily from The Matrix, but after this movie, they decided to explore identity and gender in more sci-fi projects. These include projects such as Sense8 and Cloud Atlas, and you will recognize them if you have seen these shows.

The sisters also starred in the latest Matrix movie that came out in December 2021, known as, The Matric Resurrections. Ever since then, they have been incredibly grateful to work with their friends and explore different themes in movies and TV shows. We can’t wait to see what they explore next and what is in store for us.

Drew Barrymore

The news that Drew Barrymore is bisexual is nothing new because she accepted this fact in public in 2003. During that time, Drew told everyone that she loves a woman’s body and she finds women together incredibly beautiful. Ever since then, Drew has been incredibly open about what she believes in when it comes to sexuality.

On the other hand, she is also always helping people with issues of addiction and mental health. That is because she has struggled with the same issues throughout her career. Now, she feels it is time to open up about these challenges so that people can understand that they are not alone.

Jason Mraz

No one would have thought Jason Mraz would be part of the LGBTQ+ community, especially after his cheesy songs. However, in 2018, the singer finally admitted to everyone that he is bisexual. He also went on to tell everyone that this was a difficult decision for him because his upbringing was incredibly conservative.

However, his wife supports him no matter what he does, and even she has embraced his sexuality with open arms. Now, it is easy for Jason to be open with everyone about who he is. Finally, he can be honest, and that has taken a burden off him.

Sam Smith

Sam Smith identifies as nonbinary, which is why the singer has adopted the pronouns of they/them. Sam Smith made this announcement on Instagram, and they understood that it would come with problems of misgendering. However, Sam hopes that people will try their hard not to make mistakes.

Sam hopes that everyone sees them as they see themselves. Smith has been an integral part of the LGBTQ+ community, as they are always making headlines. Of course, one of the top things that Smith is known for is having one of the most soulful voices that we would love to hear more of.

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne has diverse talents, as she is a fashion designer, singer, and actress. She came out as a bisexual individual by posting a picture of herself kissing another woman on one of her social media platforms. After that, she also confirmed that she is bisexual and part of the LGBTQ+, but that did not shock her fans at all.

Ever since then, you will find Thorne not caring about what other people think of her. She does what she wants and lives life according to her rules. Three years ago, Thorne also told everyone that she identifies as being pansexual.

Charlie Carver

Anyone that has watched Teen Wolf or Desperate Housewives has swooned over Charlie at least once while watching the shows. He came out on his Instagram account in 2016 by writing an incredibly emotional message for all his fans. Charlie said he came out because he wanted to be vocal about the issues and stereotypes that the LGBTQ+ community faces.

That is because even Hollywood pigeonholes gay actors by giving them specific roles. Charlie played an important role in The Boys in the Band on Broadway. The musical highlights what it is like to be a gay individual in America during the 20th century prior to the Stonewall Riots.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is one of the fiercest advocates for the rights of LGBTQ+. Lovato is not ashamed of their identity and stands up for what she believes in, no matter what it takes. The reaction of Lovato’s family when she came out as sexually fluid and pansexual was emotional but also incredibly supportive.

Lovato announced her gender identity and sexual preferences to the public in 2021. She told the world that she would be going by They/Them pronouns. However recently, Lovato also said in an interview that she has gone back to using She/Her pronouns in addition to they/them. We love that Lovato has become so open about her life ever since her Disney days, as the star has bloomed to become one of the best versions of herself.

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X grew up in Atlanta, and he had an incredibly conservative upbringing, which is why he thought he would take his secret to the grave. Instead, in 2019, on the last day of Pride Month, Lil Nas X came out as gay. This is a day he thought would never come for him.

However, he became famous at a young age because of his incredibly hit song Old Town Road. As he became famous, he also realized that the queer community liked him. This gave him the courage to come out, and now he is one of the top people that represents the LGBTQ+ community.

Lee Daniels

Lee Daniels grew up in Philadelphia, and during the entire time he was growing up, he was trying to accept that he was homosexual. In 2015, Daniels confirmed to everyone that he is fluid when it comes to sexuality. In 2017, Daniels became even more candid about what his life was like when he was growing up.

He told the Hollywood Reporter that his father threw him in the garbage can after Daniel came down wearing high heels in the house. After that, he was constantly struggling with his identity, especially when his friends died from AIDS in the 80s. He is also grateful that he didn’t contract this virus.

Brendon Urie

According to Brendon Urie, the Panic! At The Disco member, he is attracted to people, which confused everyone at first. However, in 2018, he made it official that he is pansexual. In the same year, he spoke to Paper Magazine and stated that while he is married to a woman, he is not opposed to a man.

That is because he likes people, and if that person is great, then they are that way to him, regardless of their gender. He is incredibly vocal and active about his status. Besides that, he also donated a lot of money to ensure that schools have a safe and inclusive environment for everyone.

Lee Pace

Lee Pace was never someone who would openly talk about his sexuality and preferences. He told the New York Times that this is because he wanted to create boundaries between his personal and professional life. When he is playing a role, his acting should matter, regardless of his sexuality.

However, in 2012, Lee Pace made headlines everywhere because one of his co-stars from Hobbit described him as gay. Even then, Lee did not admit this because he was trying to draw boundaries between his sexuality and performance. Instead, he came out recently himself four years ago as a gay individual.

Billy Eichner

Billy has always used his fame and his platform to fight for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. He also uses this platform to ensure that Hollywood develops more relatable gay people and not stereotypical characters. It is important for him that when people visit movies, they can also relate to gay characters.

Last year, Billy also announced that he was writing the first LGBT film oriented toward adults, and he will also star in it. The film will also be produced by a mainstream studio so that it can gain more traction. We love everything he is doing for the LGBTQ+ community.

Tessa Thompson

Tessa recently acted in Thor: Ragnarok as she played the part of Valkyrie. However, she made strides when she finally received an LGBTQ+ storyline by Marvel in Thor: Love and Thunder. Marvel had never done this before, which is why Tessa stood to be the hero for the LGBTQ+ community when she played this role.

Besides that, she is also one of the top icons for women, as many of them idolize her. She has dated women and men, but she prefers not to call herself bisexual. That is because Tessa doesn’t believe in labels and putting herself in a box.

Alia Shawkat

Alia Shawkat began her career with Arrested Development, and now she is making films. Her debut film came out four years ago, and it was the story about some people in their twenties based in LA. The characters in the story fall in and out of love with one another in just 24 hours.

The movie is also known as queer utopia, and this is what Alia was going for when she was envisioning this movie. She identifies herself as a bisexual individual, and many people don’t know about this. However, she doesn’t intentionally hide this identity from anyone.


It is no secret that Halsey is from the LGBTQ+ community because she has been out for many years. The rainbow flag is always present at her concerts, indicating her support for the community. In 2021, Halsey made it clear to everyone that she prefers the personal pronouns she/her and they/them.

2020 was one of the best years for Halsey because she reclaimed the stage at this time. She told everyone that she feels she is playing a supporting role in her life, and she is ready to change that. So, she took this year to come back to the spotlight and shine bright.

Vanessa Carlton

A Thousand Miles is one of the top hits by Vanessa Carlton, and she was also nominated for a Grammy for the song. In 2010, she told everyone at Nashville Pride that she is bisexual and she is proud to be one. Carlton revealed that she had been a part of the LGBTQ+ community since the age of 13.

She also revealed that stardom was not something she wanted, and it was not the path that she wanted to follow. Her recent songs are incredibly soothing and talk about her personal experiences. If you want to know her story, just play one of her latest songs.

Victor Garber

If you have watched The Flash, you know who Victor is. He has also appeared in many other movies and shows, such as Argo, Titanic, Alias, and many others. Nine years ago, Victor came out and confirmed the fact that he is gay.

However, everyone already knew this because he had been in a relationship for more than two decades with Rainer Andreesen. During this time, Victor never openly talked about it, but he didn’t hide it either, so everyone knew. In 2015, the couple finally got married after dating for twenty years, and we couldn’t be happier for them.

Kristian Nairn

Hodor is one of the most lovable characters in the Game of Thrones, and it was played by none other than Kristian Nairn. Before 2014, Nairn was not public about his gender identity because he was not ready to come out to the public. However, in the same year, he came out during an interview with Winter is Coming.

During this interview, Nairn pointed out that he has not intentionally hidden his identity from people. Instead, he always tells when somebody asks him about his preferences. That is because your gender identity is not something you randomly tell people if not asked.

Clive Davis

Behind every successful person, there is someone helping them succeed. Clive Davis has helped the careers of Billy Joel, Whitney Houston, and many others to succeed. He released his autobiography nine years ago, and you will find details of two relationships with men in that autobiography.

Davis was open about his encounters and revealed that he had been involved with a doctor for more than a decade. Besides that, he had another long-term relationship with another man that he does not identify in the autobiography. He has been open since then about his gender status so that others can follow suit.

Andrew Scott

If you have seen Fleabag, you probably know Andrew Scott as the hot priest, as he took everyone’s breath away. He has been out for a long time now, as he went public with his sexuality at least nine years ago. However, he doesn’t like being referred to as openly gay.

That is because he went on to tell GQ that you don’t describe a person as being openly gay when you are introducing them to someone else. According to him, it is a negative implication, and he doesn’t feel good about it. However, he is public about his sexual preferences.

Wanda Sykes

Many people don’t know this, but Wanda prefers having female partners over a male. You might think otherwise because she was engaged to Krazee Eyez Killa on one of HBO’s shows, but that is not the case in real life. The star came out in 2008 during a Prop 8 rally.

Ever since then, she has been married to her wife, April, and they became parents a year after they got married. Despite her LGBTQ+ status, Wanda still performs for sold-out crowds. It is amazing to see celebrities coming out and being happy without being under fire from other people, especially as an African American.

Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor was a legend in the world of comedy during the 70s. Allegedly, there are rumors that Brando also had a tryst with Richard Pryor during this time. It was Quincy Jones that made this allegation during an interview in 2018 with Vulture.

However, his claim was confirmed by the widow of Pryor, who also told everyone that Pryor was homosexual. Besides that, Quincy Jones also went on to talk about Marlon Brando and how he would have sex with anything and anyone. It is clear that they lived an incredibly full life while they were famous and rich.


Raven would be everyone’s favorite childhood star, especially if you watched her show That’s So Raven. In 2016, Raven told everyone that she knew she was attracted to females when she was only twelve years. However, she hid this fact from other people, as she was not ready to come out.

Just two years ago, Raven made a bold but applauding move by getting married to her social media manager, Miranda Maday. They had a small but intimate ceremony with only their closest people. After that, they told everyone they got married, which confirmed that Raven is openly part of the LGBTQ+.

Sir Alec Guinness

If you have seen the Star Wars trilogy, you will remember Alec Guinness as Obi-Wan Kenobi. Alec had managed to keep his sex life and the fact that he got arrested in 1946 for a homosexual act away from prying eyes. No one knew that he was bisexual the entire time he was alive.

Everyone found out about his bisexuality after he passed away. However, it was also revealed that his friends and family knew about his preferences. Of course, it was only the public that didn’t know about it because that is how Alec wanted to keep it.