When Ariana Madix joined ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ she had a ‘Full-Blown’ Eating Disorder.

Ariana Madix said that she had suffered from an eating issue in the past while reminiscing on her Vanderpump Rules journey with costar Scheana Shay.

“My body dimensions have grown, yet it doesn’t appear to bother me.” “I started the program with a composed entirely unhealthy lifestyle,” Madix, 36, said on Dear Media’s “Shenanigans” podcast on Friday, February 11.

According to the former SUR bartender, who had connected Bravo’s series around season 2, she didn’t realize how serious the problem had been initially.

“I believe I have obsessive overeating inclinations,” she confessed, “because at the very minimum, I’m fully conscious of these now, and that will fight them to stay healthy.” “I used to tell them, ‘Just don’t eat, just don’t eat,'” she recalls. That was a colossal blunder.”

Madix has used her time on Vanderpump Rules to talk about her bisexuality and melancholy. Madix noted that, although she has healed, the way she used to think about food still bothers her now and then.

“I think I have some disordered eating tendencies,” she said, “but at the very least, I’m more aware of them now and will battle them to be healthy.” “Throughout the recent meantime, I would simply say, ‘Do not even eat, do not even eat,’ and that would be horrible.”

In the February 2020 episode, Madix informed her co-stars, “I don’t love most things, but you guys don’t know that since we don’t communicate one-on-one.” “When I get home late at night, I’m thinking of driving off the f–king motorway bridge.” “This isn’t a safe situation.” because it’s not safe, I won’t tell you guys about it.

“All I could do was attempt to be a helpful while without being obnoxious.” that same month, Sandoval, 38, told us exclusively, “Obviously, it’s something she suffers with on a daily basis.” Because I’ll strive to compensate for it, which will irritate you, I realize it’s inconvenient, but I’m at a loss. I’d like to provide assistance. I’d want to assist, but there’s only so much that you can do.”

The TomTom co-founder, who began dating Madix in 2014, also discussed how their relationship has progressed. Tom Sandoval spoke about his girlfriend’s health after the show aired.

“It simply tends to have a beneficial impact on our relationship whenever we’re busy if we’re working out, eating healthily, being proactive.” He went on to say, “We simply want to keep those things going on.” “We’re on the verge of making an agreement. On a regular basis, we make jokes. Great arguments, educated debates, are taking place right now. We hold one other in high regard. It’s a good thing,” says the speaker.

Madix spoke up about how visiting a therapist helped her cope with the “ups and downs” of depression on Friday, stating, “[It] was probably always there a little beneath the surface, but I would fight against it so hard because I didn’t know what to name it.”