Why Is Amy Schumer Getting A Liposuction After Giving Birth?

Giving birth is one of the most painful and challenging experiences a woman has to go. But, just like everyone, it was a huge challenge for Amy Schumer. After getting married in 2018, she announced her pregnancy later that year.

Amy remained silent during her pregnancy, but soon after giving birth, she opened up about the challenges she had to face. All the health scares that she had to face were shared by her.

She started vomiting in the first hour of the C-section, and many painful things Amy faced just tore her down. She thought of giving up her pregnancy, but her husband, Chef Chris Fischer, supported her in the tough times.

Such tough times are the real test of your compatibility with your partner. During a podcast, Amy shared all her pregnancy details and what problems she faced. Normally the Informed Pregnancy and Parenting podcast goes on for an hour, but Amy’s podcast lasted for three hours.

What did Amy do After Her Pregnancy?

To avoid the pain and challenges she had to face earlier, Amy froze her eggs so she won’t be able to give birth. Other than that, she initiated a helpline for future mothers to help them overcome the challenges they will face.

Sharing her journey is working as an inspiration for all the women worldwide. Those who already knew Amy because of her comedy performances saw Amy as more than just a comedian.

Why Liposuction?

After giving birth, it gets difficult for women to get back into their normal shape. Their physical but mental health is also very badly affected after giving birth. No doubt, the child works as a support system to provide them with joy, but it is not enough.

Therefore, working on their health and doing something for themselves work best in helping them get back on their feet. So, just like that, Amy Schumer went for liposuction to use it to provide her with joy.

The liposuction made her feel pretty good about herself. She never cared what others would think about her, which is how things should be. One shouldn’t think about others when doing something for them, which is why Amy fearlessly did a lipo.

Amy shared her reactions to her liposuction and how it made her feel. Seeing herself in the mirror for the first time after getting a lipo made her feel really good. She finally saw some change, and it made her feel good.

She then tried to work on her health as she previously couldn’t due to her surgery after pregnancy. Unfortunately, Amy started feeling unbearable pain after giving birth.

The painful periods made her go to the doctor, and she was diagnosed with endometriosis. She went through a successful surgery and recovered without facing any further issues.

Final Words

Amy Schumer is one who efficiently used her position and platform to inspire others with her story. Working day and night on her helpline to help women overcome the challenges they face during pregnancy is worth appreciating.