Why Women Are Important In The Workplace

To say, “It takes a woman’s touch” is more than a cheap feminist remark. And, it is far from demeaning when talking about how a woman contributes to the workforce. Research is finding out that having women in the workplace benefits the organization, and those companies who ignore this idea will really be at a disadvantage. If there are women in your organization, it is most likely improving the working environment. Here are the reasons why women are important in the workplace.

Companies that have the most women represented tend to outperform companies who don’t. In addition to financial perks, women in the workplace seem to make the company a better place to work for everyone.  It appears that the presence of women at work makes for more job satisfaction, more organization dedication, more meaningful work, and a lot less burnout or turnover.

Women seem to increase the likelihood of making a higher profit. The Fortune 500 companies that have plenty of women on staff tend to outperform other companies that have fewer women on staff. Additionally, sales teams who have women interspersed on them tend to yield higher returns of sales compares to sales teams who are mostly men.

In addition to the bottom line profit, having women at work seems to make for an overall happier work environment. Surveys of employees in companies who have more women calling the shots tend to reflect better job satisfaction, more dedication to the organization, less burnout, and more meaningful work produced. Employees tend to stay longer and be more loyal to women-dominant companies claiming to enjoy their work.

Employees being surveyed were both male and female who work for a woman or for an organization that believes in promoting women. These findings seem to be consistent regardless of the age of the worker, what type of industry they work for, the size of the company, what leadership or lack of leadership position held, their ethnicity, or even their gender.

If having women onboard makes this much of a difference, it would benefit every company to take notice the next time hiring needs to be done. But, how do you find the right women to hire? What do women want in the workplace?

It turns out that choosing to hire a woman to do the job is a bit of an endless cycle of benefits. Most women simply want to enjoy their work and have a job that fits in with other aspects of their lives with plenty of opportunities.